4 Skin-to-Skin Benefits for Babies You Shouldn't Miss

Some parents may be familiar with how to hug a baby using the method skin to skin. The method, also known as the kangaroo method, has begun to be widely applied. This is because there are indeed many benefits of the method skin to skin for baby's health.

Skin to skin This can be done by placing your baby on your chest without being hindered by clothes, so that his skin is in direct contact with your skin. Skin to skin can be done as a newborn, or whenever you feel the need to do so.

Although it is better to do it with parents, skin to skin it can also be done by other family members who take care of the little one or by the caregiverhow come.

Various Benefits Skin to Skin for Baby

Some benefits skin to skin for babies that are good for their health are:

1. Build an inner bond between parents and babies

Skin to skin is one of the easiest ways to strengthen the bond between babies and their parents. When doing skin to skin, the baby will feel more secure and comfortable.

2. Helps smooth breastfeeding process

The bond that is built between mother and baby through the method skin to skin will help with breastfeeding. Skin to skin What is done shortly after the baby is born will guide the baby's sense of smell to find the mother's nipple more easily. That way, early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD) can be done.

In addition, if done regularly by the mother and baby, skin to skin can also increase the production of the hormone prolactin which plays a role in the production of breast milk. If the milk production is smooth, the breastfeeding process will also be easier. right?

3. Make baby calmer

Other benefits of skin to skin is to make the baby feel more calm and comfortable. That way, the baby will also be easier to sleep and not fussy.

Skin to skin can also help babies feel warmer. This is important for premature babies, because premature babies' bodies are still not able to keep their body temperature warm.

4. Boost the immune system

now, one more benefit skin to skin What can't be missed is boosting the baby's immune system. This is associated with exposure to good bacteria from the mother's skin to the baby when doing skin to skin shortly after the baby is born.

Besides, while doing skin to skin, the flow of oxygen in the baby's body will increase and the breastfeeding process can also be smoother. And remember, if your little one gets enough breast milk, his immune system will also be stronger.

Given the many benefits skin to skin for baby, baby if you missed it, right? You and your partner can do skin to skin with the Little One alternately every day. For maximum benefit, do it skin to skin regularly, yes. If necessary, ask the doctor when is the best time to do skin to skin with baby.