In order not to disturb, read first the etiquette of visiting a newborn

Visiting a newborn has etiquette. If you don't pay attention to it, your visit may even be a hassle for your family or friends who have just given birth. Don't want that to happen? Come on, see the signs here!

After giving birth, the life changes that occur in married couples are enormous and can cause physical and mental exhaustion. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the ethics of visiting newborns for the sake of mutual comfort and safety.

Things to Prepare and Pay Attention to

When you get good news from friends or relatives who have given birth, do not rush to leave. You should pay attention to the etiquette of visiting the following newborns before visiting them:

1. Notify you of your arrival

Instead of giving a surprise, your sudden arrival can actually trouble your friend who has just given birth. So, before visiting, ask in advance when you should be able to visit him. If your friend tells you that your visit should be postponed, respect it and follow the advice.

2. Feel free to help

Generally the owner of the house will indeed serve guests who come. But if your relationship with him is close enough, don't hesitate to help him. For example, you can help wash the dirty dishes that have piled up in the dishwasher after eating.

Remember, a new mother must feel tired, especially if she takes care of the baby alone. So, don't hesitate to ask what you can do to help while visiting his house.

3. Don't carelessly touch and kiss the baby

You need to be aware that newborn babies' immune systems are still weak, making them more susceptible to bacterial or viral infections that adults may carry.

So, don't touch and kiss babies carelessly, okay? Even if your friend allows you to hold the baby, wash your hands or use it hand sanitizer first.

If you have a cold, cough, sore throat, or suffer from other infectious diseases, it is better to postpone the visit. Although this disease looks harmless, babies can be infected and experience serious illness.

4. Be careful when holding the baby

When holding a newborn, make sure the neck and head are well supported. Also, make sure you don't shake him, even if it's just for fun or just to wake him up. Shaking a newborn can cause shaken baby syndrome which is very dangerous for babies.

5. Bring food or other gifts to the mother

Most people bring gifts for newborns. In fact, mothers who have just given birth also need to be given attention. No need for all kinds of things, favorite food, lipstick or equipment make-up others, or a simple nursing dress can make a nice gift for her.

6. Avoid asking specific things

When visiting a new mother, you should be more careful in commenting or asking questions. Avoid asking questions about the choice of delivery method or the choice of exclusive breastfeeding or not. These questions may seem simple, but can sometimes make your new friend feel uncomfortable.

7. Avoid comparing with your experience

You should also not talk too much about your experiences during childbirth and caring for your little one, let alone compare. Better listen to her story and experience of being a new mother. Give honest, non-derogatory answers if he does ask.

If when talking to her, her face looks gloomy, sad, or tired, comfort her and let her know that you are ready to be by her side and listen to her stories if needed. Remember, mothers who have just given birth are prone to stress and baby blues so it requires support from people around, including from you.

Now you know that there are many things to consider when visiting a newborn. In essence, try to place yourself as a new mother to better understand her condition and needs. Also make sure your visit doesn't bother him, but instead makes him happy and remains comfortable.