Various Ways to Increase Sports Motivation

Although exercise provides many benefits for the body, not infrequently we feel lazy or bored exercising. To outsmart, try to do the following steps so that the motivation to exercise is maintained.

For athletes, sports motivation can be a win, a trophy, or a prize. For others, exercise motivation may come from wanting to be healthy or lose weight.

Whatever the reason, often a person feels bored or even loses the motivation to exercise regularly. For those who are already bored, there are several ways you can try to get motivated to live a healthy life and exercise regularly.

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Use the following things to keep you motivated to keep exercising:

1. Set goals and make a plan

So that sports motivation is maintained, set goals according to your priorities and abilities. Then make a plan to support that goal. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can make a plan to exercise 3 times a week, walk 20 minutes every day, or another plan that fits your busy schedule.

Record your plans in a book or memo WL. If necessary, arrange alarm as a reminder.

2. Wear sports clothes even if you are lazy to exercise

Lazy to exercise? Just put on your gym clothes first. According to the results of a survey of 2,000 people, about 1,800 of them get exercise motivation by wearing only their sports equipment.

You can also try another trick, which is to prepare all the sports equipment you want to use the night before.

3. Make it a habit

Make exercise a daily routine on a schedule, or at the same time every day. For example, exercising every morning before going to work, or in the afternoon after coming home from work. You can also take a little time for light exercise at the office during breaks.

4. Flexible with time and type of sport

There are times when we are bored or tired of the same sports movements. To avoid boredom, you can do a different type of sport or exercise than usual.

For example, replacing swimming with jogging, or when busy with work, you can just go up and down the stairs in the office for light exercise.

5. Listen to music or use a running sports app hits

Listening to your favorite music or song can motivate you to move and exercise. A study found that listening to music can increase the duration and endurance of the body when exercising.

In addition, you can also record your performance while exercising with the sports app. This application can be an encouragement for you to exercise you know!

6. Give gifts for self alone

Giving rewards in the form of gifts to yourself is the same as giving motivation. For example, if you manage to lose 2 pounds in a week or two, you can reward yourself with a new outfit or whatever you like.

7. Maintain a commitment to healthy living

No less important to support sports motivation is to maintain a commitment to a healthy life. Try to close your eyes for a moment in the morning, think about the results you will get from regular exercise every day, for example the body shape you desire.

This way, you will refocus on your goals, so you can continue to be passionate about exercising.

Keeping sports motivation high is easy and difficult to do. For that, find the type of sport that suits your interests and hobbies, and change it occasionally if you're bored. In addition, you can also invite friends or family to increase the spirit of exercising.