COVID-19 Is Not Deadly for Most People Under 50 Years Old

COVID-19 can be experienced by anyone, including people under 50 years old, from infants, children, to adults. However, unlike the news that has been circulating recently, Corona virus infection has a fairly low mortality rate in this age group.

Corona virus transmission can occur through splashes of phlegm, saliva, or mucus in the nose (snot) when a person with COVID-19 coughs or sneezes without wearing a mask. Transmission of the virus can also occur when a person with COVID-19 coughs or sneezes without covering his mouth and nose with an elbow or tissue.

The initial symptoms of Corona virus infection do resemble flu symptoms, namely fever, runny nose, dry cough, headache, and sore throat and even hiccups. However, some COVID-19 patients may experience severe symptoms such as shortness of breath.

If you experience symptoms of Corona virus infection and require a COVID-19 examination, click the link below so you can be directed to the nearest health facility:

  • Rapid Test Antibodies
  • Antigen Swab (Rapid Test Antigen)
  • PCR

In children and adults under 50 years of age, the symptoms of COVID-19 that appear are generally mild, and many do not show any symptoms at all (Asymptomatic Persons/OTG). Not only that, the risk of death in COVID-19 patients under the age of 50 is also relatively low.

Death Rate of COVID-19 Patients Under 50 Years Old

Death rate or case fatality rate (CFR) is the ratio of the number of deaths to the total number of sufferers in a group.

In Indonesia, the mortality rate (CFR) due to COVID-19 in the age group under 50 years is an average of 1.3% with details per age group as follows:

  • Ages 31–45 years: 2.4%
  • 18–30 years: 0.9%
  • 6–17 years: 0.6%

In China, the mortality rate for people with COVID-19 under the age of 50 is 0.1–0.3%. The mortality rate for the age group under 50 in Italy is also quite low, at 0.06–0.14%.

The mortality rate in the under 50 age group is lower than in the older age group. However, you need to know that the number of COVID-19 sufferers in Indonesia could actually be more than the recorded number.

There are various causes of obstacles in determining the number of patients correctly, ranging from inaccurate examination tools, insufficient number of examination tools and have not reached all regions in Indonesia, to the public's fear of undergoing examination and quarantine.

However, in general, it can be concluded that the percentage of the death rate due to COVID-19 in the age group less than 50 years in Indonesia is around 0.5–2%.

The Danger of COVID-19 in the Age Group Under 50 Years

Although the CFR is quite low, it does not mean that all COVID-19 sufferers under the age of 50 have the same low risk of death.

The disease COVID-19 can be dangerous and cause serious complications, even death, in people under the age of 50 with the following conditions:

  • Have a weak immune system, for example due to HIV/AIDS or malnutrition
  • Undergoing certain medications, such as chemotherapy or long-term corticosteroids
  • Have a body mass index of more than 40 or are obese
  • Having diseases of the respiratory tract, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Have co-morbidities, such as diabetes, chronic kidney failure, cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease

In addition, the risk of developing COVID-19 with severe symptoms is also higher in people who have a smoking habit.

COVID-19 Prevention Steps

To reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 and break the chain of the spread of the Corona virus, you need to take the following COVID-19 prevention steps:

  • Stay at home, unless there is an emergency.
  • Avoid crowded places or crowds of people.
  • Always wear a mask when interacting with other people or if you are forced to go outside.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and running water or hand sanitizer with a minimum alcohol content of 60%.
  • Do physical distancing.
  • Clean the house regularly.
  • Take medication regularly if you suffer from certain diseases.

In addition, you also need to keep your immune system strong by eating nutritious foods, such as fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep, and managing stress well, for example by doing relaxation, yoga, or meditation.

If you experience COVID-19 symptoms as previously mentioned, especially if you have been in close contact with a person who is positive for the Corona virus or been in an endemic area (red zone) for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, immediately self-isolate and contact hotline COVID-19 at 119 Ext. 9 for further guidance.

You can also use the Corona Virus Infection Risk Check feature which is provided free of charge by ALODOKTER to find out how likely you are to have been infected with this virus.

If you have questions regarding Corona virus infection, both regarding symptoms, prevention measures, and COVID-19 checks, you can chat directly with the doctor in the ALODOKTER application. You can also make an appointment with a doctor at the hospital through this application.