Tips to Protect Your Little One from Kidnapping

Missing or kidnapped children are one of the greatest fears of parents. To prevent and be aware of it, Mom and Dad need to learn ways to protect children from these unexpected situations.

Letting your little one do their own thing or play with their peers can train them to be independent. However, Mother and Father still need to provide him with provisions to protect himself so that he avoids being kidnapped.

Teaching Children to Take Care of themselves

Mom and Dad don't need to be paranoid or overprotective, but teach them how to protect and take care of themselves, especially when they're not with Mom or Dad.

How to do it? Here's how:

1. Explain the vulnerability of child abduction

Talking about kidnapping children with your little one will make him understand the possibility of strangers with bad intentions. This will open a discussion about how to protect yourself from crime. Your little one will understand more about the importance of being vigilant.

2. Notify parents when leaving the house

Teach your little one to get used to asking permission from parents before going anywhere. Tell him that Mom and Dad need to know where he's going, with whom, and when he's coming home.

3. Refuse gifts and invitations from strangers

Tell your little one that he needs to refuse candy or gifts from people he doesn't know well. Teach also that rejecting invitations to go out with strangers is also mandatory even if they invite him to do fun things.

No less important, teach your little one not to tell personal data, such as home addresses, to strangers.

4. Notify parents if any behavior makes them uncomfortable

Explain to your little one that he needs to tell Mom and Dad if someone else is telling or doing something that makes him uncomfortable. Even Mom and Dad need to tell him that in some circumstances, he will have to refuse requests from adults who need his help.

For example, an adult may ask for help finding a lost dog or cat. Tell your little one that he doesn't need to help the adults because they shouldn't ask small children for help.

5. Tells you where to go if you get lost

Maybe your little one wasn't kidnapped but just got lost or out of sight. For that, Mom and Dad need to tell him where to go if he gets lost, for example the security post, information center, police station, or nearest hospital.

In addition, he can also look for people in uniform, such as security officers or shop employees. If not, he can ask for help from a mother who is with a child or an adult woman.

6. Provide identification card

In your little one's bag, place a card or laminated cardboard with the child's name, date of birth, address, and home or parent phone number on them. This is especially important for children who are too shy to talk or children with disabilities.

Teach your little one to whom he can give his data so that it is not misused.

In addition to the methods above, currently there are various devices that can make it easier for parents to track their children's whereabouts, for example a GPS bracelet that can be connected to a parent's cell phone (cell phone) or computer.

This bracelet may be useful for children with disabilities. Installing CCTV in a connected house on line on the gadget (gadget) can also help parents to monitor the whereabouts of children.

Important for Mom and Dad to Pay Attention to

Not infrequently crime occurs because it takes advantage of people who are careless. To ensure the safety of children, mothers and fathers need to be vigilant at all times, including by:

Paying attention to the safety of children in cyberspace

Mother, it's fun to upload photos and stories about your little one in cyberspace. However, don't forget that child predators also use the internet to stalk their victims.

If your little one is able to access social media, you need to keep reminding him not to give out personal information there, nor to use the location feature when uploading status or photos.

In addition, you yourself should avoid sharing too detailed information, such as the location of your child's school, when using social media.

Choosing a babysitter and pick-up

It is not uncommon for child abductors to work together with caregivers or school shuttle drivers. Mothers need to know the background of babysitters and shuttle drivers well before hiring or using their services.

Avoid clothes with children's names

It's best to avoid wearing your little one a t-shirt with his name on it. This will make it easier for strangers to call his name. Children tend to more easily trust adults who know and say their names.

It is important for Mom and Dad to always be aware of the safety of the Little One. Vigilance is not only limited to strangers, but also to those around the child on a daily basis.

Provide your little one with an understanding of dangerous conditions according to their age, then tell them the right way to avoid these conditions and what to do to keep them safe.