Bright Future by Quitting Smoking

A cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals, many of which are poisonous and causing cancer. Smoking cigarettes continuously is the same as accumulating toxins in the body that can have a negative impact on your health in the future.

Try to stop smoking and start to feel the benefits to the body.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

When you decide to quit smoking, believe me, you will not experience any harm. On the other hand, there are so many benefits that can be felt after stopping smoking this deadly tobacco roll.

  • Look younger. Smoking can reduce oxygen intake to the skin, making your skin look old. But when you stop smoking, your skin will get more oxygen, thus preventing premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Avoid stress. You've always thought that smoking can relieve stress thanks to the nicotine content. But what's really happening is that you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms from nicotine and smoking is relaxing. Please note that this effect is only temporary. Nicotine is not a drug to relieve stress. In fact, according to research, stress levels of people who quit smoking will decrease compared to when they were still smoking.
  • Increase fertility. The lining of the uterus and sperm quality will improve after quitting smoking. That means, the opportunity to have children is higher than when still smoking.
  • Better sex performance. By quitting smoking, blood flow will become smoother and have a good effect on your sensitivity. The quality of sex will be better. Men will experience better erections, while women will be more easily aroused and have orgasms.
  • Smile looks more charming. When you smoke, your teeth will look yellow and stained. But after you stop, your teeth will look whiter and your breath will smell fresher than before.
  • Avoid deadly diseases. The risk of lung cancer, stroke, heart attack, oral cancer, throat cancer, lip cancer and tongue cancer will decrease after you stop smoking.
  • Have a healthy family. This is what matters. Your loved ones will be healthy because they are free from the dangers of cigarette smoke.

Let's Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is not easy, especially for those of you who have been smoking for years. But if you have a strong determination, then nothing is impossible. No need to worry about the myths circulating, such as quitting smoking can make you stressed, fat, and others. Take your stand to make life even better.

Here are some tips to be free from smoking.

  • Focus on the benefits. There are so many health benefits that you will feel when you stop smoking, as mentioned above, save your loved ones from the diseases caused by secondhand smoke, and save money.
  • Set the date. There needs to be a definite date when you start doing it, even if there are obstacles when you start trying it, such as stress. Stress is the biggest obstacle you will experience when you decide to quit smoking. So as the date approaches, you have to be mentally and emotionally ready. Remember, don't put it off any longer. The sooner you start, the longer you will live.
  • Ask for support. Express this good intention to the closest people, such as spouse, family, and friends. Those who care about you will definitely support you to live a healthy life and that support will mean a lot. You can also invite fellow smokers to quit together. That way, you can support each other until you really get out of cigarettes.
  • Get medical treatment. Talk to your doctor about your desire to quit smoking. Usually the medical step used to treat this is nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). You can get the effects of nicotine from chewing gum or lozenges that all contain nicotine.
  • Move body. In addition to making the body healthy, being active can distract and reduce your desire to smoke. You can run around your house complex, jump rope, sit-ups or other sports that can be done without the need for special preparation. You can also do household chores, such as sweeping, mopping floors, or watering plants. When the urge to smoke appears in the office, you can distract it by getting out of the chair and taking a walk outside, up and down stairs, or light exercise such as running in place.
  • Always have sweets in your bag. When the craving comes, chew something, like candy. This can help you to quit smoking.
  • Avoid all triggers. Avoid anything that triggers you to smoke, such as hanging out with friends who smoke. Also avoid places that are approximately filled with smokers. Get rid of all cigarettes or ashtrays in your home.
  • Say no to cigarettes. When you decide to quit smoking, try to discipline yourself. Maybe once in a while you are tempted to smoke and say, "Just one cigarette is fine." Better keep that thought away. Smoking even one cigarette can trigger you to continue to smoke a cigarette again and again.

Make your life more quality by living it without smoking. Stop smoking don't delay anymore, start doing it now.