Don't be careless, this is the right way to clean baby milk bottles

Cleaning baby milk bottles should not be careless. When used, the feeding bottle will stick to the baby's mouth and accommodate the milk to be drunk. That is why, the cleanliness of baby milk bottles is closely related to the health of the little one.

Although it looks simple, not all parents have cleaned baby bottles in the right way, you know! In fact, cleaning baby bottles in the right way can prevent babies from developing various types of digestive infections that can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

How to Clean Baby Milk Bottles

Cleaning baby bottles can be done in two ways, namely manually cleaning milk bottles or using a washing machine.

Manually cleaning milk bottles

If you clean baby bottles manually by hand, there are several steps you can take, namely:

  • Wash your hands first with soap and running water. Rub your hands with soap for about 20 seconds.
  • Separate all bottle parts, such as bottles, nipples, bottle valves, and bottle caps. After that, rinse with clean running water.
  • Soak the bottle parts in a basin of warm water and soap. Avoid placing it in the sink, as this can increase the risk of the bottle being contaminated with germs.
  • Clean the bottles one by one using a special brush. Don't forget to clean the bottle down to the bottom, OK?
  • When cleaning the pacifier, make sure you can get the water out of the pacifier hole. This is useful for making sure the pacifier is completely clean.
  • After that, rinse all parts of the bottle again with clean water and dry with a clean towel free of dust.

Cleaning bottles with washing machine

Even if you use a washing machine, it is still important for you to wash your hands before starting to clean the milk bottle. After that, you can start washing the milk bottle by:

  • Separate all bottle parts, such as bottles, nipples, rings, and bottle valves.
  • Rinse all parts of the bottle under running water. You can rinse them one by one with cold or warm water.
  • Put all parts of the milk bottle in the washing machine. However, don't forget to put small items in a closed basket, OK?
  • For maximum results, you can also fill the washing machine with warm water, so that the number of dead germs is more.
  • When you're done, remove all the parts of the bottle and place it on a clean towel.

In addition to cleaning baby bottles, mothers are advised to sterilize baby bottles. The trick is to separate all the parts of the bottle, then soak all the parts in a pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes. After that, remove and dry with a clean towel.

If necessary, you can consult a pediatrician to find out how to properly clean baby's milk bottles and whether or not they need to be sterilized.