This is how to deal with a child who is addicted to gadgets

When use gadgets make your little one forget to eat, lazy to go to school, to get angry and cry when gadgetswas taken, it could be that he is already addicted gadgets. This condition certainly should not be taken lightly, Bun. Therefore, you need to deal with it the right way.

Actually, many things can be learned by children through gadgets, from how to dance to how to make various crafts. On the other hand, gadgets can also be a means of entertainment for children because there are various games which can be played.

However, if you play too often gadgets, especially without supervision, children can be addicted gadgets, you know, Bun. This can have a negative impact on the growth and development and social life of children.

Overcome Addiction Gadgets to Children in This Way

The following are steps that can be applied to overcome gadget addiction in children:

1. Be a good example for children

Children often take lessons from the surrounding environment, including the habit of using gadgets her parents. If you still play often gadgets in front of him, the Little One will also imitate this habit. So from now on, try not to be busy with gadgets while being with the Little One, yes, Bun.

2. Limit and monitor usage gadgets in children

To overcome addiction gadgets on the Little One, access time gadgets must be limited, yes. Mother can give 1-2 hours a day for Little One to use gadgets. In addition, keep an eye on your little one while playing gadgets, so that he does not access pornographic or violent content.

In applying this limitation, you need to be firm, yes. Train your little one to ask permission first before playing gadgets and return it properly after use. Save it gadgets in a place that is not known to the Little One so he can not use it without your permission.

3. Create fun activities with children

Make fun activities so that your little one's mind is distracted from gadgets. Mothers can take their little ones for a bike ride or morning run, cook together, draw or color together, or garden in the yard.

In addition, take your little one to the park near the house so he can play with his friends. If necessary, Mother can invite children in the surrounding environment to visit the house and play with the Little One. Apart from making him forget with gadgets, This method can increase your little one's social interaction.

4. Set a gadget-free area at home

Mother can set free places gadgets in the house, for example the dining room, family room, or bedroom. This means that when inside this room, no one is allowed to use gadgets. Make sure Mom and Dad also obey these rules, okay?

5. Tell children the dangers of using gadgets too long

Mother can discuss the risk of obesity or eye pain if your little one sits playing more often gadgets and rarely play outside the house. In addition, explain to the Little One in easy language that gadgets and the internet can be a dangerous place for him, especially if your little one is also playing on social media.

It's okay to talk about bad people acting through social media, as long as you also discuss together how to avoid the problem, for example by agreeing that the use of gadgets must always be monitored. Make sure your little one feels safe and doesn't worry too much.

You really need to do the steps above to limit use gadgets Poppet. However, try not to scold or yell at your little one when he is nagging. Instead of understanding what you mean, your little one can actually experience trauma that can interfere with their mental health.

Keep in mind that your little one doesn't necessarily agree and get used to the new rules regarding gadgets this. So, you need extra patience to compromise with it. Also make sure other family members work together to help you in this, yes.

If after applying the steps above, your little one still can't get away from it gadgets or maybe starting to have difficulty concentrating at school, don't hesitate to take your little one to a psychologist so he can get the right treatment to overcome addiction gadgets.