The Bad Effects of Night Bathing Are Just Myths, It Makes It Easier for Babies to Sleep

Most of the parents think that bathing at night will make a baby sick or cold. Aresponse sort of this is what make parents choose to no give baby bedtime routine. whereas reality, showering at night has nothing to do with getting sick or getting a cold.

In fact, according to a site supported by many doctors in Europe, a night bath using warm water can make the baby feel comfortable and calm so that the night sleep becomes more sound. Based on these facts, do not hesitate to bathe the baby at night.

Just make sure the water temperature is warm enough, which is around 38°C. Before placing the baby in the tub, check the water temperature by dipping your hand to make sure the water temperature is safe enough for the baby. Also make sure the room is warm enough so that the baby doesn't get cold after bathing.

Baby Takes time Adequate and Quality Sleep

Adequate quality sleep is needed by babies to support their development and good health. Some of the benefits of quality sleep for babies are maximizing growth hormone produced during deep sleep, protecting babies from damage to blood vessels due to circulating stress hormones, preventing babies from being overweight, and helping to strengthen the body in warding off bacterial infections.

A quality night's sleep must be prioritized, but the problem is that some babies or children have difficulty sleeping. If you experience this, you can calm him down to get a good quality sleep.

Do the Routine sbefore sleep

Babies and children need consistency in their daily activities. Therefore, a series of activities carried out before the baby sleeps is highly recommended to get used to it. This form of routine will help regulate your mindset and establish an ideal sleep pattern. Babies will feel calm and comfortable if they know what will happen next. In the end, when you get used to a regular bedtime and pattern, your baby will find it easier to fall asleep.

There are three bedtime routines that can be given to babies, namely:

Bathe night

When your baby is three months old, you can introduce him to a bedtime bath routine. Bathing at night aims to make the baby comfortable, calm, and relieve fatigue after being active during the day. Bathe the baby around 18.30-20.30. This regular night bath schedule also introduces the baby to the scheduled activities before bed. One thing to remember, there is no need to bathe the baby every day. A few times a week is enough. If more than that, it is feared that the baby's skin can become dry.

You can collect warm water into the Little One's bath. Gather all the toiletries that will be used, such as soap, shampoo, and towels. Use baby bath products that contain natural ingredients. A pediatrician in America recommends choosing baby bath products that contain vegetable oil, such as olive or almond oil over products that are dominated by chemicals.

You are also advised to check the acidity (pH) of the product for babies. Babies have skin with a slightly acidic pH (pH 5) which serves as a defense layer for the body. Therefore, a product with a pH that is approximately the same as the baby's skin will help maintain this barrier. However, products with a neutral pH can also be used as long as your little one's skin remains healthy and not dry or scaly.

Massage light

Giving him a light massage is one way to express your affection and love for your baby. In addition, massage is useful in helping the digestive process, reducing pain, improving circulation, increasing weight, and most importantly helping to build a bond between your baby and you.

Avoid giving massage when the baby has not eaten or has just finished eating. Wait a few minutes after eating before you start giving him a massage. Steps to massage the baby can be done like this.

  • Place the baby on his back on a soft towel or blanket.
  • Massage baby's feet with gentle pressure from the groin towards the top of the thigh, then to the ankle. Give a gentle massage on the soles of the feet and finish by gently pulling the fingers
  • Place your hand on the baby's tummy, then massage gently in a clockwise circular motion.
  • Massage baby's arm from shoulder to wrist, repeat 2-3
  • Turn the baby into a prone position.
  • Gently massage his back from top to bottom.

In massaging, you can use special baby massage oils, such as telon oil, to reduce friction between your hands and baby's skin. Choose a special baby massage oil without fragrances and safe ingredients to anticipate if swallowed by the baby.

Quiet Phase

After bathing and massage, now is the time to calm the baby. You can read a story, hum, sing a song in a low voice, or play music. An atmosphere like this will make the baby relaxed and fast asleep.

Bathing, massage, and bed rest are important bedtime routines in helping your baby get quality sleep. Quality sleep without interruption should be a baby's main need, in addition to providing proportional nutrition, in order to maintain health and quality of life in the long term. In the end, a baby who gets enough sleep and is physically fit will make you feel better too.