Beware of the Dangers of Mosquito Burns for Health

Mosquitoes are annoying animals and can make people sick. Fortunately, These small insects can be eradicated in many ways. One of them is with mosquito coils.However, there are dangers behind mosquito coils that need to be watched out for.

The use of mosquito coils has proven to be effective in repelling mosquitoes. However, the dust and smoke produced from burning mosquito coils can be harmful to health, so there are things you need to pay attention to when using it.

Be aware of the dangers of using mosquito coils

Harmful substances, such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, to formaldehyde, will be released into the air when the mosquito coil is turned on. The substances in this mosquito coil have been discussed and proven to be harmful to health in several studies.

Some people can be sensitive to some of the substances contained in mosquito coils. This condition can cause complaints, such as dizziness, headache, nausea, shortness of breath, sore eyes or eye irritation, and shortness of breath, when the person is exposed to the smoke of the mosquito coils.

Not only that, in the long term the use of mosquito coils may cause more serious health problems such as:

Acute respiratory infection (ARI)

Research shows that long-term use of mosquito coils can increase the risk of getting ARI. This infection is characterized by several symptoms, such as cough, runny nose, stuffy nose, sore throat, fatigue, dizziness, high fever, and shortness of breath.

Besides being able to cause ARI, harmful substances produced from burning mosquito coils, such as formaldehyde or formalin, can trigger asthma. The sulfur dioxide content in mosquito coils can also worsen the health conditions of people with asthma and bronchitis.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Burning mosquito coil smoke contains carbon monoxide. now, exposure to carbon monoxide in excess and in the long term can make you experience poisoning of this substance. Especially if the mosquito coil is used in a closed room or with poor ventilation.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is characterized by a variety of symptoms, ranging from headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, fast breathing, fast heartbeat, to chest pain. In more severe cases, carbon monoxide poisoning can cause brain damage, heart complications, and even miscarriage.

Lung cancer

Research reveals that someone who uses mosquito coils regularly (3 times per week) has a higher risk of developing lung cancer than those who do not use mosquito coils. The formaldehyde content in mosquito coils is also possible to trigger other cancers, such as nasopharyngeal cancer.

Method Safe Using Mosquito Repellent

Although the use of mosquito coils is not recommended, there are several ways that can be done to reduce the adverse effects of using mosquito coils. Among others are:

  • Do not use mosquito coils more than 3 times a week.
  • Always follow the instructions for use on the packaging.
  • Open windows and doors when the mosquito coil is on.
  • If mosquito coils are being used, do not enter the room.
  • Turn off mosquito coils if you want to enter the room and leave the windows open so there is air exchange.
  • Don't sleep in a room where mosquito coils are burning.
  • Keep mosquito coils out of reach of children and flammable objects.

The use of mosquito coils can indeed be an easy and inexpensive solution to eradicate and repel mosquitoes. However, do not ignore the bad effects. You are better advised to take advantage of natural ingredients such as cinnamon oil, thyme, or lemongrass because apart from being able to help repel mosquitoes, its use also tends to be safer.

If you frequently use mosquito coils and experience respiratory complaints, such as coughing and shortness of breath, immediately consult a doctor so that you can be examined and given the best advice and treatment.