Farting During Sex Makes You Embarrassment? This is how to prevent it

In addition to embarrassing, farting during sexual intercourse can also interfere with the intimacy of sexual relations. If you've ever experienced it, come on, know the causes and how to avoid them.

Farting during sexual intercourse is possible and this is normal. The reason is, there are many factors that can trigger the release of gas during sexual intercourse, such as diet to the consumption of certain drugs that make the stomach bloated or gassy.

Causes of Farting During Sex

Farting during sexual intercourse can occur in any sex position. The causes can also vary, including:

  • The digestive process in the body continues when you have sex
  • Friction of the penis in the vagina that causes air to come out like a fart
  • Sexual intercourse movements that compress the abdominal muscles and encourage the release of gas
  • Orgasm, because in this condition the muscles of the body relax so it is easier to release gas
  • Certain medications that can cause bloating or gas, such as antacids and aspirin

Passing gas during sexual intercourse is more common in pregnant women. The reason is, hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can cause a buildup of gas in the body.

An increase in the hormone progesterone, for example, can make pregnant women fart often, because this hormone can relax muscles and slow digestion. In addition, nausea during pregnancy can also cause farting.

So that farts don't interfere with sexual relations

If it happens occasionally, farting during sexual intercourse is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if this happens repeatedly and feels bothersome, you can consult a doctor to detect possible causes.

Farting during sexual intercourse can't always be prevented, but lifestyle changes can help reduce the chance of passing gas during sex. Therefore, it is recommended that you:

1. Improve diet

Eat slowly and in small portions to reduce the amount of air that enters when eating. In addition, you should avoid drinking through a straw or sucking on candy.

2. Limiting and avoiding certain foods

Limit certain foods that can cause gas, such as milk and dairy products, soy, and vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cabbage. You also need to avoid consuming gas-causing drinks, such as soda or alcohol.

3. Doing exercise regularly

Regular exercise can help facilitate digestion and remove excess gas from the digestive tract. An example of exercise that can help expel gas in the body is yoga.

In addition to yoga, there are also exercise movements that can help prevent farting during sexual intercourse, namely lying on your back while holding dumbbells. The hand that holds dumbbells Make circular motions in the upper abdomen to help release gas.

4. Quitting smoking habits

Before having sex, you are advised not to smoke. The reason is because smoking can increase the amount of air that enters the body, making the stomach gas.

5. Adjust the position of sexual intercourse

Avoid sexual positions that press the stomach. Side position and woman on top(woman on top) is a safer position. In addition, having a bowel movement before sexual intercourse can help reduce the risk of farting during sexual intercourse.

Farting during sexual intercourse is normal and nothing to worry about. However, if you and your partner feel disturbed by this condition, it's a good idea to consult a doctor to find a solution.

The reason is, in some cases, farting during sex may also be caused by certain diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).