Waiting for Labor to Arrive? Come on, do this!

Waiting for the time of delivery may make pregnant women feel afraid, anxious, and nervous. Instead of thinking about things that can stress you out, it's better you keep yourself busy with activities which beneficial while waiting for the time to give birth.

Every woman's delivery time is different and unpredictable. There is an easy and fast process, but there is also a process that takes longer.

Instead of being dizzy and stressed imagining what the birthing process will be like, you better prepare yourself to welcome your little angel who will be born soon.

Here's What You Can Do Before Your Birthday

Waiting for labor may be burdensome for you. Therefore, it is recommended that you fill your time with the following positive and fun things:

1. Get plenty of rest

Before you give birth, it's a good idea to start increasing your rest time. Adequate sleep during pregnancy is not only beneficial for the mother and fetus, but can also help your delivery later. When you give birth, you will be busy taking care of and breastfeeding your little one.

Lack of sleep during pregnancy is associated with a number of pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. This condition can cause babies to be born prematurely or underweight.

So, start going to bed a few hours earlier and set aside time for naps, even if it's just lying on the couch. During pregnancy, you need 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night.

2. Prepare food stock

When you give birth, you may be overwhelmed when it comes to cooking and dealing with work in the kitchen. Therefore, while waiting for labor and not busy, come on, cook some food that can be served quickly later.

You can cook these foods in large quantities as supplies while you are still a new mother. For example you can cover up chicken, then store it in freezer. Later when it is about to be served, you only need to fry the chicken.

Also stock your fridge with some quick snacks to grab when you don't have time to eat, such as yogurt, biscuits, or chocolate. Believe, ok, you will find it very helpful thanks to these kinds of preparations.

3. Start cleaning the house

Coming home to a neat and clean house after a hard struggle in the delivery room or hospital can definitely make the mind much calmer than arriving at a messy house. But calm down, this stress-triggering factor can still be prevented.

Of course, you don't have to do heavy housework. Do light work that is safe for pregnant women to do.

If you feel tired and can't take it anymore, don't force it. You can ask your partner or family for help to complete the work. If possible and necessary, you can pay for the services of a household assistant to clean your house.

4. Re-practice the techniques of launching labor

To launch labor, you still have to move actively. While waiting for that day to come, you can practice the pregnancy exercise techniques you've learned in your labor preparation class yourself. In addition to pregnancy exercise, you can also do yoga for pregnant women and breathing exercises to help smooth delivery.

As you practice these movements, you can imagine yourself performing the technique in the delivery room. However, make sure the exercise or physical activity you are doing is safe and has been consulted with your obstetrician.

5. Check the contents of your bag

Come on, check again the bag that you will bring to the maternity home. Make sure the items that you, your partner, and your baby need while in the maternity home are in it.

6. Have fun

Use this time to pamper yourself because you may not have time to do so after giving birth. Go to a salon or spa to relax and beautify yourself, watch a movie, hang out with friends, or do other things that make you happy.

7. Buy baby clothes and equipment

After giving birth, you will of course be exhausted and have trouble taking care of your little one and have to undergo postpartum recovery. Therefore, while you still have the time and strength, start buying baby clothes and equipment while waiting for the time to give birth. If you are lazy to leave the house, you can buy baby equipment and clothes from the store on line.

While waiting for labor, be aware of the appearance of certain complaints, such as a lot of discharge or bleeding from the vagina, pain in the lower back or abdomen, and contractions that become more frequent and stronger. If you feel these complaints, immediately consult a gynecologist.