Pregnant women, this is what needs to be prepared before undergoing a Caesarean section

Birth by caesar sometimes unavoidable for some reason. Pregnant women who are advised to give birth by caesarean section must maintain good health and do some things preparation ripe so that the caesarean section can walk smoothly.

Cesarean section is usually recommended in certain conditions, such as placental disorders, pregnancy infections, narrow pelvis, and breech or transverse position of the baby.

In emergency situations, a caesarean section will also be recommended, for example when the labor process is taking too long or fetal distress has occurred.

Things to Prepare Before Caesarean

During pregnancy, pregnant women are advised to maintain weight gain, especially if they are planning to undergo a caesarean section. The goal is to reduce the risk of complications during surgery and recovery.

In addition, there are 6 things pregnant women need to do to prepare for a cesarean section, namely:

1. Prepare luggage

Despite giving birth by caesarean section, pregnant women are advised to keep preparing their luggage ahead of time. They usually carry more luggage than those who give birth vaginally, because pregnant women will usually be asked to stay 3–5 days in the hospital after the operation is over.

The items that pregnant women must pack into their bags are underwear, nursing bras, change of clothes, sanitary napkins, drinking straws, sandals, blankets, and wet wipes. For underwear, choose a material that is comfortable and not tight so as not to injure the stitches on the stomach.

Then, also prepare various baby needs, from clothes, cloth, blankets, gloves and socks, to a baby seat for the car. Don't forget to remind Dad to prepare a change of clothes and other equipment that he also needs during his stay.

2. Prepare entertainment items

Waiting for the moment of the birth of your little one by caesarean section may make pregnant women anxious or nervous. Therefore, pregnant women need to prepare various things that can be entertainment or distractions, such as reading books, movies, or music players containing playlists favorite song.

This is useful to make pregnant women calmer when going through the caesarean section. Some doctors also usually allow pregnant women to bring their own favorite music to play during the cesarean section.

3. Not using make up

Before arriving at the hospital for a cesarean section, usually the doctor will advise pregnant women not to use make up, face cream, and nail polish. This aims to make it easier for doctors to check the condition of pregnant women before surgery.

In addition to not using makeup, pregnant women are also advised not to wear contact lenses when going to have a cesarean section.

4. Take a bath with antiseptic soap

One day before the cesarean section, the doctor may advise pregnant women to take a bath using antiseptic soap, to reduce the risk of infection during surgery.

For the same reason, pregnant women are also usually recommended to shave their pubic hair. If you find it difficult, ask the nurse at the hospital for help to do it.

5. Regularly check with the obstetrician

Every pregnant woman is advised to regularly check with her obstetrician, whether it's normal delivery or caesarean section. This is important to do so that the health condition of the pregnant woman and fetus is continuously monitored, especially if the pregnant woman has certain conditions that require a caesarean section.

With regular prenatal checkups, doctors can be aware of the various risks that pregnant women may experience during a caesarean section, so that doctors can prepare a careful plan to avoid these risks.

Don't forget, tell the doctor all the concerns that pregnant women feel and ask for clear information. The goal is for pregnant women to fully understand the condition of pregnant women and the things that will be faced, including the caesarean section procedure and its preparation.

Giving birth by caesarean section can indeed be stressful. However, don't make this a burden because with good preparation, a cesarean section can run more smoothly and all risks of giving birth by cesarean section can be minimized.

So that pregnant women are more prepared to undergo a caesarean section, do not hesitate to ask for advice from an obstetrician regarding what things are needed according to the pregnant woman's condition.