Is it safe for pregnant women to use mosquito repellent lotion?

There are various diseases that can be transmitted through mosquito bites. To avoid that matter, mosquito repellent lotion often be an option. However, isuse mosquito repellent lotion for pregnant mother classified as safe? Come on, see the explanation below.

Experts argue that pregnant women are more susceptible to being bitten by mosquitoes. This is because the respiratory rate of pregnant women tends to increase, thereby releasing more carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes. In addition, the relatively warm body temperature of pregnant women is one of the factors that triggers pregnant women to be susceptible to being bitten by mosquitoes.

Safety Mosquito Lotion for Pregnant Women

Basically, mosquito repellent lotion is safe to use during pregnancy. Using mosquito repellent lotion is useful for preventing pregnant women from getting various diseases carried by mosquitoes, such as Zika disease or dengue fever.

Even so, pregnant women must choose the right mosquito repellent lotion. The type of lotion that is safe to use is a lotion that contains DEET, picaridin, IR3535, lemon oil eucalyptus, the mentthane diol (PMD), or 2-undecanon. It's best to avoid using mosquito repellent lotions that contain permethrine.

When going to apply mosquito repellent lotion, avoid the area around the eyes and mouth, yes. Don't forget to wash your hands after using mosquito repellent lotion.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites Naturally

In addition to using lotion, there are several natural ways that pregnant women can do to prevent mosquito bites, including:

1. Keep the house clean

In addition to avoiding viruses and germs that cause disease, keeping the house clean can also be one way to prevent mosquito breeding. Make sure pregnant women clean the house from containers that contain standing water so it doesn't become a place for mosquitoes to lay eggs.

2. Wear long clothes

Wearing long clothes that cover almost the entire surface of the skin can also be one way to prevent mosquito bites. However, make sure the clothes that pregnant women wear are still comfortable on the body, okay?

3. Guse aromatherapy

Create a fragrant and mosquito-free home scent by using aromatherapy. Mosquitoes are usually reluctant to approach when they smell lavender, oil lemon eucalyptus, and tea tree oil (tea tree oil).

4. Use mosquito nets while sleeping

Try to use a mosquito net while sleeping, as this is effective at preventing mosquito bites. If possible, install mosquito nets in the ventilation of each room. In addition, the use of fans or air conditioners is also considered to be able to repel the presence of mosquitoes.

In general, the use of mosquito repellent lotion during pregnancy is considered safe. However, avoid using it excessively.

If necessary, consult a doctor to get recommendations for the use of mosquito repellent lotions for pregnant women that are appropriate. Likewise, if pregnant women have certain medical conditions, such as allergies or sensitive skin, you should first ask your doctor before using mosquito repellent lotion.