Exercise to Increase Libido: Benefits and Types

Libido or sexual desire can decrease due to various things, from stress to certain medical conditions. If you or your partner often experience it, there are several types of exercise to increase libido and increase satisfaction during sex.

Everyone's libido level can be different. However, there are several conditions that can cause a person's sexual desire to decrease, ranging from problems with a partner, severe stress, fatigue, pregnancy, menopause, to certain health problems, such as diabetes, hormonal disorders, and cancer.

Benefits of Exercise to Increase Libido

Exercise can nourish the body, both physically and mentally, which in turn can increase your libido or sexual desire. Here are some of the benefits of exercise associated with increasing libido:

1. Increase sexual satisfaction

Exercise is one of the best activities to do regularly to increase stamina, including libido, and increase sexual satisfaction. With strong stamina, the duration of your sexual relationship with your partner can last longer.

In addition, exercising can also build muscles that play an important role in sexual intercourse, such as the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, and muscles around the thighs, legs, and intimate organs. With better health, your body will also find it easier to reach orgasm.

2. Reduce stress

Exercise is a healthy way to manage stress. This is because physical activity can stimulate the production of endorphins, which are natural stress and pain relieving hormones, so you can feel happier. When you are happy, your libido can also increase.

3. Increase self-confidence

Sexual desire is also influenced by how you view yourself. There are studies that say that regular exercise can make a person view himself more positively, so that self-esteem and self-confidence will increase. That way, sexual desire can also increase.

4. Improve circulation and blood flow

When exercising, the heart will pump blood faster and more, so that blood flow throughout the body will be smoother, including to the intimate organs.

In men, smooth blood circulation is useful for smoothing the erection process and making it last longer. While in women, it can stimulate the vagina to produce natural lubricating fluids more smoothly.

Types of Exercise to Increase Libido

Basically, all types of exercise are good to do, but there are several types of exercise that are more effective at increasing libido, including:

1. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are one of the sports that are beneficial for sexual performance, including to increase libido. This exercise allows blood to flow more smoothly to the intimate organs and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

In men, it can then prevent premature ejaculation. While for women, Kegel exercises can help increase the production of vaginal lubricating fluid, make vaginal muscles tighter, and facilitate orgasm.

2. Squat

Squat useful for toning the muscles of the lower body, such as the legs and buttocks. In addition, this exercise can also facilitate blood flow to the intimate organs. Therefore, doing squats can help increase your libido.

3. Yoga

You can also make yoga an exercise option to increase libido. Doing yoga regularly can help increase stamina, calm down, reduce stress levels, and improve mood. That way, your sexual desire can also increase.

4. Swimming

This exercise can increase blood flow throughout the body, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, and improve mood. Swimming is also good for training the muscles and joints of the body to be stronger and increase stamina, so that sexual arousal can also be more easily awakened.

5. Cardio workout

Doing a variety of cardio exercises can help improve blood flow and maintain an ideal body weight. For men, this is useful for making erections last longer. As for women, cardio exercise can help achieve orgasm more easily.

6. Strength training

Strength training is useful for training and toning the muscles of the body, so that your body can look more athletic and proportional. In addition to making you more confident, a beautiful body shape can also make your partner more interested in having sex.

So that the benefits of exercise to increase libido can be maximized, you or your partner need to do it regularly. The ideal recommended time for exercise is 20−30 minutes every day or at least 3−5 times a week.

Tips to Increase Libido and Sexual Satisfaction

To support the effectiveness of the exercise, you can also increase sexual arousal and make sexual intercourse more enjoyable in several ways, including warming up before sex or foreplay longer.

you can start foreplay by giving a massage or gentle touch on your partner's sensitive parts. Then, also give him caresses and kisses, so that the atmosphere becomes more intimate.

To avoid boredom, you and your partner can change the atmosphere during sex, for example by taking a bath together before having sex or trying to have sex in the bathroom.

Don't forget to eat libido-enhancing foods, get enough rest, and manage stress well, so that your sexual life with your partner remains harmonious.

If you still have questions regarding the benefits and types of exercise to increase libido or experience problems with the quality and satisfaction of sexual relations, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.