Mother Feeling Stressed After Giving Birth? Here's How To Overcome It

Do you feel tired, irritable, and easily sad for no reason after giving birth? Be careful, you may experience stress after giving birth. Good luck getting over it, come on, see the article below.

Having a baby is supposed to be happy. But busy taking care of your little one and completing homework can indeed make you experience stress. Not to mention the lack of sleep, the large number of guests who visit, until the breast milk that has not come out smoothly can be a burden in itself. Calm down, Mother, there is a way out how come.

How to Cope with Stress after Childbirth

After giving birth, Mother wants everything to go perfectly according to the tips in the book. But reality is not that easy. In order to stay physically and mentally healthy in caring for your newborn, you need to come to terms with reality and take the following steps:

1. Memask relatives for help

Forcing yourself to do things can actually make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Remember, you don't have to do everything alone. Don't be shy or hesitate to ask your family, relatives, or friends to help ease your work.

2. Mtake care of yourself

After giving birth, it's not only the little one and the husband who need attention, the mother also needs to take care of herself. Walking around the house, getting enough rest time, and consuming healthy foods makes you more prone to stress. However, as much as possible avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol yes, Bun.

3. Mennearyourself with partner and family

The busyness of caring for the baby should not make the mother's relationship with her partner tenuous yes. In fact, working with a partner can help relieve stress. Also, stay in touch with family and friends.

4. Membhandle the number of guests

It does not matter you know, Bun, to limit the number of guests who want to visit every day. Mother and Little One's rest time should be prioritized.

5. Doing resimple relaxation

To get rid of stress, try doing simple relaxation techniques at home. When you are anxious or panicked, try to take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, then release it. Repeat several times. Even though it looks simple, this method can help you to stay calm.

6. Mget into the habit of positive thinking

Negative thoughts will tend to cause negative feelings. From now on, try to say only positive things to yourself. For example, “Your little one will sleep peacefully,” or, “I can handle this.”

Be careful if the stress that you have experienced has led to baby blues syndrome or even depression. Its characteristics include:

  • Mother no longer wants to take care of the Little One.
  • Feel deep sadness.
  • Feeling hopeless and motivated.
  • Often feel excessive guilt.
  • Excessive anxiety about the little one.
  • Constantly having trouble sleeping.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Having a panic attack.
  • Have a desire to harm yourself or even the baby.

You need to remember that experiencing stress after giving birth doesn't make you a bad mother you know. Do not be shy to consult a doctor or psychologist to find a way out. Especially if this condition does not improve after 2 weeks and makes you think about hurting yourself or your little one.