Mother, Prepare This Before Traveling with Baby

Traveling with a baby is certainly not as simple as when you travel alone or with a partner. There are many things to consider, from baby equipment to food. nowHere's a list of some of the things you must bring when traveling with a baby.

Not a few parents think that taking their baby on a trip is a difficult thing to do and too risky. In fact, babies are not that fragile, how come, Bun. In fact, even a 3-month-old baby can actually be invited to travel.

The younger the baby, the easier it is for them to travel. They have not been able to run around and spend more time sleeping. So, enjoy this time before traveling becomes a much bigger challenge.

However, taking the baby on a trip certainly requires special preparation for the baby's comfort and smooth travel. Come on, see the following guide.

List of Must-Bring Items

During the trip, there are several items that need to be carried to meet the needs of your little one to stay safe and comfortable, be it in a car, train, or plane. These items can be directly placed in a special baby bag or diaper bag. Here are some of them:

  • Change of shirt and pants
  • Diapers, diaper rash cream, trash bags, wet wipes and towels
  • First aid medicines for minor medical problems
  • Water bottle or thermos
  • Baby's favorite pillows and toys
  • Additional snacks or instant solids if baby has started eating
  • Breast pumps, milk bottles and sterile milk containers
  • Formula milk
  • Folding mats or silverware.
  • breastfeeding apron

In addition, other additional items that can be considered include:

  • Car seat, if traveling by car
  • Stroller light and practical
  • Baby carrier in the form of a backpack
  • Baby toys

If you feel bothered to bring it, no problem how come, Bun. However, Mom and Dad have to take turns holding the little one more often. If you carry a lot of luggage or suitcases, Mom and Dad can be overwhelmed by this.

It is also important to make sure that you and your little one are fit before traveling. Therefore, avoid activities that make you tired and get enough sleep. This is important, especially for breastfeeding mothers so that breast milk remains smooth.

Tips for Making Babies Comfortable While Traveling

There are several ways that can be done so that your little one is always comfortable when traveling, namely:

  • Cover your little one during the trip.
  • Wear your little one a comfortable vest or nightgown, instead of long pants or tights.
  • If traveling by car, we recommend using a special baby seat in the car or car seat so that the baby is more comfortable and safe.
  • Put the baby bag in an easily accessible place so that it is easier for you to find it.
  • Fan your little one with a fan portable when the atmosphere is hot so he still feels comfortable.
  • Prepare warm boiled water in a small thermos and a milk bottle filled with powdered milk in a bag, so you can prepare it easily in case you need it in the middle of the trip.
  • Give your little one his favorite snack if he looks hungry but you can't give him breast milk or make solid food for him.
  • Arrange the atmosphere of the room where you stay as comfortable as possible, for example by providing a place for your little one to play or sleep with some of their toys.
  • Try to keep time for breastfeeding, Bun, especially if your little one is under 6 months old.
  • Use a nursing apron if your little one asks to breastfeed in public.

In addition, if during the trip the Little One does not feel comfortable sleeping in the stroller or strollerYou can use a sling that is shaped like a backpack and carry it in front of your body. This can make him calmer.

No need to be confused anymore, Bun, if you want to take your little one on a trip. With maximum preparation, traveling with babies can be easy and fun, how come.

Most importantly, make sure the condition of the mother and little one are both healthy to travel and do more activities. If necessary, you can consult a doctor first regarding your little one's readiness to travel.