Before Deciding to Get Married, Recognize 6 Types of Couples You Should Avoid

Choosing the wrong partner can make your marriage fall apart. Instead of being happy, you and your partner can actually fight often. So, in order not to regret it later, you should avoid the following types of couples, because they may not be suitable to be the head of the household.

Marriage is a sacred relationship between two people who love each other. In addition to love, the character of the couple is also important to create a romantic and lasting relationship. Even though you have known him for some time, it is not a guarantee that your marriage will be happy. you know.

These are the types of couples to avoid

Marriage is not always happy like a fairy tale. There are times when your marriage will have ups and downs, really. However, this relationship can last a long time, if you go through it with the right person.

Before making a sacred promise, there are several types of partners that you should avoid, including:

1. Grumpy and rude

Marrying a guy who gets angry easily and has difficulty controlling his emotions isn't a good thing, especially if he yells at you and hits you when you make a mistake.

Marriage with a man like this will not create happiness, because a man with this character can get angry over trivial things and is usually not easy to forgive.

In addition, if the nature does not change, you can be at risk for experiencing domestic violence when you get married later. Married to this type of man can actually make the household is not harmonious. In addition, the type of man who is rude is not good as a father figure and role model for your children later.

2. Likes to insult and criticize

A healthy relationship is a relationship that respects and loves each other for who they are. Having a partner who likes to criticize everything you do can make you feel depressed, especially if he also often insults you and hurts you.

If during dating he never respects you or often mocks your appearance, especially if you have made self-esteem If you are disturbed, then you should consider ending your relationship.

This type of partner can be at risk for emotional abuse or even physical abuse. This of course can have an impact on your mental health. Being stuck with a partner who likes to hurt your feelings can put you at risk for depression. you know.

3. Often lie

Communication and honesty are the keys to a happy marriage. However, if during a relationship he often shows signs of lying or trying to deceive you, this is a sign that you need to be more vigilant.

Even though you already love him, don't ever expect this type of guy to change easily when you get married. The reason is, this type of man can keep repeating the same mistakes and often lie to you. Of course you don't want to live with a liar and feel anxious every day, right?

4. Selfish and don't want to accept mistakes

Marriage is the process of uniting two people in a relationship. In a marriage, there are times when you are a good listener and also a good speaker, and vice versa.

If your partner never tries to hear every word you say, doesn't understand what you're feeling, or doesn't want to accept the mistakes you made even though they were trivial, then it's a good idea to reconsider your relationship.

Marrying a selfish and narcissistic man is not a good decision, because everything you do will always be wrong in his eyes.

A man with a high ego or even already showing a narcissistic personality will also always think he is right and better than you. This of course can complicate your relationship later after marriage.

5. Always think negatively

You should also avoid this type of partner. Men who always think negatively tend to complain a lot and find it difficult to trust others. Minor problems can become big because of negative thoughts that are difficult to control.

Though positive thinking is one important thing in a relationship. Married to this type of man can not make you a person who develops, in fact your days can be filled with feelings of fear and anxiety.

6. Likes to dodge

This is the type of partner to watch out for. They may not be rude, critical, or lie a lot, but this type of partner tends to have a hard time keeping commitments in the long term.

They also often don't want to make decisions and are difficult to invite to take their current relationship to the next stage.

In addition, couples who have an avoidant personality type (avoidant personality disorder), can also come across as cold, insensitive, and hard to trust you. If your relationship is problematic, this type of partner can even leave you at any time or even commit ghosting.

Those are the types of couples that you should stay away from before you decide to get married. Because when you decide to get married, your life will no longer be the same as before. Many of your habits must be changed because maybe your partner doesn't like it, and vice versa.

Remember, the ideal partner must be willing to sacrifice and improve themselves for the sake of the harmonious relationship that will be lived. This is important so that the marriage relationship that is lived in the future can last a long time and not lead to divorce. You certainly don't want to be trapped in a relationship that toxic, no?

If you feel that your partner type is the type of partner mentioned above, it's a good idea to consult a psychologist to get the right solution.