Using Eczema Ointment As Needed

Eczema ointments are widely used to relieve the symptoms of eczema. Although it cannot cure this disease, eczema ointment can overcome the symptoms that arise and treat complications due to eczema.

The use of eczema ointment must be adjusted to the symptoms that appear and their severity. In addition, the amount of ointment that is applied to the skin also needs to be calculated based on the unit of the fingertip/finger tip.fingertip units (FTUs). One FTU can generally be used to cover an area the size of an adult's palm.

Type-JEczema Ointment

There are 4 types of eczema ointment that you can choose to relieve eczema symptoms, namely:

1. Eczema ointment with moisturizer

The appearance of eczema is often characterized by itching, redness, and dry skin. To relieve these symptoms, you can use eczema ointments with moisturizing ingredients. However, it's a good idea to discuss it with your doctor first to determine an eczema ointment with a moisturizing content that suits your skin condition.

2. Corticosteroid ointment

Eczema ointments containing corticosteroids can also be used to reduce inflammation and relieve itching caused by eczema. In general, eczema ointments containing corticosteroids can be grouped into 4 types based on their strength levels, namely mild, moderate, moderately strong, and strong.

Most over-the-counter eczema ointments are used to relieve mild eczema symptoms. This ointment usually contains 1% hydrocortisone. It should be borne in mind that the use of ointments with corticosteroids is not intended for long-term treatment, given the potential for side effects.

3. Antibiotic ointment

In some cases, people with eczema can develop a bacterial infection on the skin due to scratching it too often. If this happens, the doctor will give antibiotics, either in the form of oral (drink) or ointment. However, this antibiotic drug is only given according to a doctor's prescription.

4. NSAID Ointment

In addition, there are also eczema ointments containing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This drug is widely used to treat mild to moderate eczema, and can be used in children aged 2 years and over.

There are times when eczema can appear in several areas of the body. To overcome this, the doctor may prescribe several types of eczema ointment at once. For example, a mild eczema ointment is for the face, and a stronger eczema ointment is for thick areas of skin, such as the feet or hands.

If it's your first time using an eczema ointment, choose the one with the lightest level. If the condition does not improve within 3-7 days, consult a doctor to get a prescription for eczema ointment with a stronger level.

Generally, eczema symptoms will subside after using the ointment for 1-2 weeks. After eczema symptoms heal, you can use a special moisturizer for eczema to prevent its recurrence. In addition, you can also use eczema ointment for 2 days a week to prevent the appearance of eczema symptoms that often recur.