Showing intimacy on social media is a sign of being happier?

You may have encountered a partner who often indulges in intimacy on social media. Not infrequently, this can make the envy of some people who see it. However, do they really feel happy in the relationship?

Besides being used to communicate with someone who is far away or make new friends, social media is also often used to share various moments. One of them is a moment of intimacy with a partner.

This phenomenon is called public display of affection (FDA). This can be in the form of sharing photos or videos that show intimacy, writing affectionate things to each other in the comments column, to including relationship status.

Facts About the Happiness of Couples Who Show Intimacy on Social Media

There are a number of studies that reveal unique facts about couples who like to show off their intimacy in cyberspace. This study states that couples who share their intimate moments on social media may be happier than couples who don't share their intimate moments.

Even so, not all couples who don't or rarely spit out their intimacy on social media are unhappy, yes.

The reason is, in this study it is also stated that happy couples are not too focused on indulgence in intimacy in cyberspace. They generally prefer to enjoy their happiness by spending time together quality time.

So, in conclusion, uploads on social media cannot be an ideal benchmark for assessing the level of happiness of a couple or an individual. This is because feelings of pleasure and happiness are subjective and can be interpreted differently by each person.

The Risk of Sharing Personal Information on Social Media

It's important to know, uploading something on social media excessively, whether it's intimate content, daily activities, venting, or others, can have a bad impact, for example cyberbullying, misuse of photos or videos, even private data leakage.

As a result, someone who is badly affected by the use of social media can feel stressed and burdened. If used unwisely, social media can also increase the risk of more serious mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety disorders, and suicidal ideation.

If you and your partner want to share moments of intimacy on social media, this is fine. But, make sure you both use it well and wisely, so that social media can have a positive impact in the real world, okay?

If you or your partner still have questions about the effects of using social media or feel that you are already addicted to social media, try consulting a doctor.

If the use of social media has interfered with your life, including your relationship with your partner, then you can join a counseling session with a psychologist or doctor.