Want Your Little One to Fall in Love with Books? Let's find out how here

Mother, introducing books to your little one from an early age has a good impact on their growth and development, you know. nowThere are several ways that parents can do to make their children fall in love with books and enjoy reading. Mother want to know? Come on, see how here.

In order for children to enjoy reading books, the first step parents need to take is to read them from an early age. It is also a form of communication between parents and children.

There is no limit to when children can start reading books. Reading books to children can even start when they are still in the womb. This method can be a means for children to recognize their parents' voices.

So that children like to read, start by reading them a book

In addition to making children love reading, the benefit of reading books to children is to strengthen the emotional bond between parents and children. This habit can also increase a child's intelligence, because he can get to know more new vocabulary.

Other benefits that can be obtained by reading books to children are:

  • Provide a stimulus to support children's growth and development
  • Increase children's curiosity and response to learn new things around them
  • Show children that reading is a fun activity, so that they become fond of reading and learning.

How to Make Children Happy Reading Books

Introducing books to your little one can be done according to their age. The following is a guide to reading books that you can do according to the age of your little one:

0–6 months old

Although they can't see clearly, newborns up to the age of 6 months can already see the colors and faces of the people in front of them. When reading a book, you can choose a book with lots of color pictures and little writing or no writing at all. Usually, babies aged 0-6 months will be more enthusiastic about seeing pictures that have bright colors.

Some special books for babies are usually equipped with knick-knacks that can make them participate in reading, such as pop-up book, mirror, or hand puppet.

Age 7–12 months

After your little one is 6 months old or older, he usually begins to understand some of the words that you say from the book, such as the names of characters in books and objects in everyday life. To make your little one more interested, Mother can tell it by changing facial expressions, using various voice intonations, and describing stories with hands or dolls as aids.

At this age, children tend to want to touch books or objects that are nearby. Therefore, you should not choose books with sharp corners or edges. As an alternative, choose a book made of cloth or foam to make it safer for your little one.

13–18 months

At this age, your little one can be introduced to books that have one or two sentences on each page of the book. However, of course it must be equipped with an attractive image.

You can also improvise and don't need to follow the sentences written in the book exactly. Stop for a moment to ask and comment on the pictures on the book, even though your little one can't respond yet.

When reading, you can still make sounds with different intonations and according to the pictures or characters in the book, such as the sounds of animals, cars, and other sounds. Also invite your little one to participate by following the voice that Mother is exemplifying.

19–24 months

When reading a book to your little one, use a voice that is soft but can be heard clearly. When read to a book, children will learn how to communicate, as well as the concepts of numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in a fun way. In addition, he will also learn to pay attention and remember.

Mothers can also read to your little one foreign language books to practice their language skills. In this way, it is not impossible if later the Little One can master two languages ​​(bilingual) or even more (polyglot).

So, if you want your little one to love reading and love books which are a window for him to see the world, come on, set aside time to read him a book every day. This activity is not only fun for your little one, but also makes him learn a lot of new things. Happy reading!