Mother, Father, Let's Get To Know How To Relieve Asthma Symptoms in Babies

Asthma is a respiratory disorder recurrence that can happen in babies. Moment baby have asthma, mother and dad may be panicked and confused about how to deal with it. now, so as not to get confused, see the following explanation.  

The recurrence of asthma in infants can be triggered by a variety of things, ranging from dust, plant pollen, and cigarette smoke. If asthma often recurs, the baby's growth and development will usually also be disrupted, because his body often lacks oxygen.

One way that can be done to prevent asthma recurrence is to avoid exposure to substances suspected of triggering asthma.

Asthma Symptoms in Babies

The typical symptom of a wheezing breath that is usually experienced by asthmatics is not always found in infants. Symptoms and complaints that arise when a baby has asthma are also sometimes less specific and can be similar to other breathing disorders.

In general, the symptoms of asthma in infants include the baby looking short of breath, his nostrils expand when he inhales, his breath sounds, panting, looks tired, difficult to suckle, and often coughs. If not treated immediately, the baby's face and lips may turn pale or turn blue.

If the above symptoms appear, Mother and Father are advised to immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will conduct an examination to determine the cause, so that he can provide the right treatment.

Various Ways of Handling Asthma in Babies

Because asthma complaints in infants can resemble symptoms of other disorders in the respiratory tract, a doctor's examination is needed to determine the cause. If the cause is asthma, the doctor will recommend:

Use of nebulizer

The first option to relieve asthma in infants is the use of nebulizer, which is a device for converting drugs in liquid form into vapor for inhalation.

Administration of medication with a nebulizer can be done in a hospital, it can also be done alone at home, but must be under the supervision of a doctor. The type and dosage of the drug must also be according to the doctor's recommendations, of course, taking into account the age and condition of the baby.


Preventive measures are taken so that asthma does not recur more often. There are 2 things Mom and Dad can do, namely:

1. Invite the baby to do routine activities

Asthma in infants can be prevented by regularly inviting them to do activities. This is useful for improving lung function and strengthening the physical.

You can turn your little one on his stomach and then invite him to talk, sing, or reach for a toy. Or you can move your legs like pedaling a bicycle.

2. Clean the house

To prevent your little one from exposure to asthma-triggering substances, Mom and Dad need to keep the house clean. By protecting your little one from exposure to dust or substances that can trigger asthma, it is hoped that asthma recurrence can be prevented.

Asthma in infants can affect their growth and development, and can even be fatal if not treated quickly. To relieve and prevent asthma recurrence, do the ways above. In addition, check your little one to the doctor regularly so that his health condition and growth can be monitored.