Hot Mouth Disturbing Your Comfort? Overcome this way

Mouth feels hot even though you're not eating hot or spicy food maybe will make you wondering, “What the hell the cause?” Curious what causes your mouth to feel hot and how to deal with it? Check out this article, come on!

This burning sensation may appear on the roof of the mouth, tongue, or lips. Usually this burning sensation in the mouth is accompanied by dry mouth, numbness, bitter taste, or a metallic taste sensation.

Causes of Hot Mouth

The sensation of burning in the mouth can appear suddenly, but it can also appear slowly and become more pronounced from day to day. The cause is not known with certainty, but there are several things that can increase the risk of this condition, including:

  • Hormonal changes.
  • Allergy to ingredients used in teeth, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and dentures,
  • Suffering from oral infections, and lack of intake of B12, folate, and iron.
  • Have a habit of grinding your teeth or bruxism.
  • Suffering from certain diseases, such as stomach acid, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and disorders of the immune system.
  • Taking certain drugs.

How to Overcome a Hot Mouth

When experiencing a hot mouth, there are several ways that can be done to overcome it, namely:

1. Avoid hot, sour, and spicy food

You are advised to avoid foods or drinks that are hot, or that have a sour and spicy taste. This is because these foods and drinks can make your mouth feel hotter.

2. Stop consuming alcoholic beverages and quit smoking

In addition to avoiding the consumption of certain foods and drinks, you are also advised not to consume alcoholic beverages and not to smoke, because both can also make your mouth feel hotter.

3. Changing the toothpaste used

If your mouth feels hotter after brushing your teeth, try changing to a toothpaste that's meant for sensitive mouths. Or you can also use baking soda as a substitute for toothpaste.

How, mix baking soda with warm water to form a paste, then brush your teeth with this mixture. In addition to cleaning teeth and mouth, bso much soda can neutralize acid levels in the mouth and cool the burning sensation that appears in the mouth.

4. Drink lots of water

Besides being useful for preventing dehydration, drinking water can also help overcome dry mouth and a hot sensation in the mouth. To reduce the burning sensation in your mouth, you can also try adding ice cubes to the water you are going to drink.

5. Manage stress well

Stress can also trigger a burning sensation in the mouth. So, to deal with it, you need to manage your stress well. There are various ways, for example by doing activities that you enjoy or doing yoga and meditation.

If your mouth still feels hot even though you have done the various ways above, you should consult a doctor, so that the cause can be identified and appropriate treatment given.