Pregnant Mothers Don't Be Angry All The Time, This Is The Effect on Babies

Temperament ipregnant mom explode like much understood. However, better thinkright repeat about things this, especially because it can affect the baby's condition in in the womb.

The condition of a woman's body during pregnancy is actually almost similar to the situation of women before menstruation in general. Starting from breast pain, hormonal changes, to disturbances mood. From the emotional side, women at this time can feel angry or happy to be sad more quickly, and vice versa.

Overflowing Emotions Trigger Various Disturbances

Hormonal factors are one of the causes of the increasing frequency of angry pregnant women, although it cannot be separated from other factors. For example, the accumulation of discomfort felt by pregnant women makes it difficult for them to sleep, feel pressure in the bladder, or feel hot. Triggers for mood swings for pregnant women to worsen can also be caused by worries about being a parent, the birth process, and others.

Specifically regarding the effects of anger on pregnant women, a study was conducted involving 166 women in the second trimester of pregnancy. Furthermore, they were divided into two groups, namely the group that was often angry and the group that was less angry.

Pregnant women who are often angry, seem to feel tense more often, which makes them depressed. As a result, the fetus in pregnant women becomes excessively active and experiences growth delays.

When you are angry, the body of pregnant women will be filled with the hormones cortisol and adrenaline which suppress the hormones dopamine and serotonin. This will also be experienced by the baby in the womb. As a result, babies born to mothers who are often angry are more at risk of experiencing disturbances in sleep patterns, orientation, motor maturity, and not to mention depression. A psychologist also revealed that the psychological state of the mother during pregnancy will help influence the temperament of the baby.

Tips to Reduce Anger saat pregnant

Emotional changes are hard to contain, but at least something can be done to relieve them. Try these steps when you feel angry.

  • Talking to someone who is emotionally close can both reduce tension and gain support. You can talk to your partner, friends, or family. In addition, you can also talk to fellow mothers-to-be.
  • Avoid discussions or conversations that will only trigger your anger. Try to go for a light walk for half an hour to cool down.
  • Increase rest time. Lack of sleep will only make mood pregnant women worsen. Short naps can be taken to replace the reduced hours of sleep at night.
  • Take time to do things you enjoy, such as doing hobbies. If you like watching movies, then do it with friends. Reading a favorite book in the park in a calm atmosphere can also be beneficial.
  • Pour your feelings into writing in a diary while doing self-reflection. If you're upset with someone, write them a letter, but don't send it. The goal is to express feelings only.
  • Do butterfly hugs when emotions feel bubbling to calm down.
  • Stay active. You can get used to walking in the morning, swimming, or other sports that you like. It also helps relieve the pain that is felt during pregnancy.

It's natural for pregnant women to feel tense before the birth of the long-awaited little one, but don't react to it excessively. Avoid getting angry because it will only have negative consequences. Consult a doctor or psychologist if pregnant women have difficulty coping with changes mood.