Get to know Ambidextrous Ability and How to Train It

Ambidextrous is an ability in which a person can use both hands well, agile, and balanced in doing various jobs. People who have this ability can also write fluently with the right or left hand.

A person usually uses one of the dominant hands to do the task, be it right or left hand. However, in people ambidextrous both hands are equally reliable.

Not only when writing, people who ambidextrous can also use both hands to perform other activities or skills, such as drawing, cutting, lifting objects, throwing a ball, or playing a musical instrument.

Cause Someone Can Have Ability Ambidextrous

Ambidextrous classified as one of the very rare advantages. It is estimated that only about 1% of people worldwide have this ability. Until now, the factors that cause a person to have the ability ambidextrous is still not clearly known.

People who have the ability ambidextrous usually have one parent, sibling, or biological family who also has similar abilities.

In addition, environmental factors can also make a person ambidextrous. For example, a left-handed child will eventually be able to write and use both hands well, if he is accustomed to using his right hand at school.

Likewise with medical staff, such as doctors and nurses, over time they too can become ambidextrous because they are used to certain actions, such as surgery, which require them to use both hands properly.

Another example is in people who have had a severe injury to the dominant hand. When the hand cannot function properly, the person's brain and body will adjust to using the non-dominant hand in order to move smoothly.

This ability will be formed more quickly, if the person is diligent in practicing or following occupational therapy.

Ability ambidextreous It is also said to be associated with certain diseases, such as ADHD and dyslexia. However, this still needs to be investigated further.

How to Train Ability Ambidextrous

There are several ways and exercises that can be done to train and hone skills ambidextrous, including:

1. Writing practice

Is your dominant hand when writing or drawing your right hand? If so, now you can try to practice writing or painting using your left hand. Vice versa.

Try to write the alphabet and numbers one by one with your dominant hand, then use the other. Do this exercise until your writing results are the same using your left or right hand. If you feel you are able, try to start practicing writing a few words or sentences.

2. Drawing practice

In this exercise, you can start by creating lines, circles, and other symmetrical shapes, such as squares, triangles, or rectangles, with your non-dominant hand.

If your non-dominant hand is capable enough to make lines or circles, the next step you can practice drawing some objects or objects around you well.

3. Practice brushing teeth

If you normally use your dominant hand to brush your teeth, try using your non-dominant hand this time. You may feel uncomfortable and difficult when you first try it. However, try to be patient and do it regularly, so that later you will be able to brush your teeth with your right or left hand.

4. Practice picking up something

Now that you're good at writing, drawing, and brushing your teeth, it's time to practice picking things up or doing anything with your non-dominant hand.

Starting from holding a dipper while bathing, taking drinking water, combing hair, applying makeup, or other activities until you really get used to it and become a person. ambidextrous.

Those are some tips and ways you can do to practice the ability to use both your hands in a balanced way. If you want to try another method or still have questions about abilities ambidexterous, You can also consult a doctor.