Understanding Sleeping Masks and Its Benefits for Facial Skin Beauty

Term sleeping mask or overnight mask began to be known since Korean cosmetics became increasingly popular. According to the term, sleeping mask is a facial treatment that is used before going to bed. Then what's the difference sleeping mask with night cream? What are the benefits?

Korean-style beauty treatments are known as a series of facial treatments consisting of several stages. Starting from cleaning facial skin using make-up remover or oil cleanser, wash your face with cleansing soap, use scrub, mask, toner, essence, serum, eye cream, and finally apply sleeping mask.

Understand Sleeping Mask

sleeping mask designed as the last step of treatment before bed. Although the meaning is a mask, this product is not the same as a regular mask, because its use is more practical. In general, masks are used by applying them to the face and then waiting for them to dry. There is also a mask made of tissue which is enough to be affixed to the face. But both still require you to stay still, barely moving, until the mask is completely dry or absorbed.

Just like his name, sleeping mask can be used overnight. Just apply it on your face before going to bed, like applying a night cream, then you're free to sleep without worrying about the product falling out. sleeping mask also known as sleeping pack and leave-on mask.

Difference Sleeping Mask and Night Cream

Nutritional content sleeping mask generally richer than a night cream. However, the texture is not much different, namely cream or gel. After being applied to cleansed facial skin, wait 30 minutes before going to bed so that sleeping mask absorbed by the skin and does not stick to pillows or sheets.

If the use of night cream is applied enough to absorb, sleeping mask must be cleaned (washed with water) the next morning. In addition, unlike a night cream that can be used every night, sleeping mask It is recommended to only use it once or twice a week. However, this depends on the usage recommendations listed on the product.

Benefits of Sleeping Mask

Night is the best time to take care of the skin. At night, you tend to be free from things that can damage the skin

Night is the time for skin cells to repair themselves, especially at 10 pm to 2 am. When the body sleeps well, there is an increase in metabolism and skin renewal. Therefore, it is very important to get quality sleep at these hours.

Benefits of using sleeping mask namely helping skin repair, how:

  • Retain skin moisture

    sleeping mask able to lock moisture on the skin's surface compared to a more volatile night cream. on the other hand sleeping mask It is also considered capable of being absorbed deeper into the skin layer.

  • Protect skin

    Although it is able to penetrate deeper into the skin, there is a part sleeping mask which is not absorbed and is retained on the surface of the skin. Its function is to protect the skin from dust and dirt that can clog pores, while locking the active ingredients to work optimally.

Hydration or maintaining skin moisture is an important factor for those of you who want youthful skin. As we age, the production of collagen decreases, the skin's natural moisture is lost, causing wrinkles to appear. Therefore, you need the help of products such as sleeping mask to keep the skin moisturized, especially during sleep.

Choose sleeping mask which contain ceramide, hyaluronic acid (hyalyronic acid), and peptides. These ingredients aid in collagen production and lock in moisture for 8 hours, thereby slowing down the appearance of wrinkles.

Apart from the benefits sleeping mask which is so promising, you are still advised to consult a dermatologist, especially if you have sensitive skin, considering that the sleeping mask sticks to the facial skin for quite a long time.