Know the Benefits of Pomegranate for Pregnant Women

There are many benefits of pomegranate for pregnant women. Besides being able to increase the body's immunity, consumption of pomegranate is also able to maintain healthy teeth and mouth, lower blood pressure, and prevent birth defects.

The benefits of pomegranate for pregnant women are obtained thanks to the important nutritional content in it. These nutrients include vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, antioxidants, and potassium.

Benefits of Pomegranate for Pregnant Women

The following are some of the benefits that pregnant women can pick from pomegranates:

1. Increase endurance

The content of vitamin C in pomegranate is useful for increasing the immune system of pregnant women. In addition, the antioxidant content in this fruit is also quite high, even 3 times more than red wine and green tea. Antioxidants play a role in counteracting free radicals, thus contributing to increasing the body's immunity.

2. Maintain healthy teeth and mouth

The benefits of pomegranate for the next pregnant woman is to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. Pregnant women are more prone to cavities and gum problems. In fact, poor dental and gum health during pregnancy can cause many problems, from preeclampsia to premature birth

3. Lowering blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the problems in pregnancy that can occur and have a fatal impact on both the mother and the fetus. Potassium content in pomegranates can help lower blood pressure by reducing excess salt levels in the body and relaxing the muscles of the blood vessel walls.

Even so, consumption of foods containing potassium alone is not enough. Pregnant women also need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and regularly consult with a gynecologist so that blood pressure during pregnancy remains normal.

4. Prevent birth defects

In addition to increasing the immune system of pregnant women, the antioxidant content in pomegranates also plays a role in preventing birth defects in babies. Not only that, this fruit is also a source of folic acid which is very important in supporting growth and development of the fetus.

Adequate folic acid needs during pregnancy have been shown to reduce the risk of birth defects. So, the combination of antioxidants and folic acid in pomegranates makes consumption of this fruit during pregnancy quite recommended to prevent birth defects.

Safety of Consumption of Pomegranate and Its Seeds

Pomegranate can be consumed directly or used as fruit juice. The flesh of this fruit is unique because it is in the form of small grains and each grain contains a seed. This raises the question, "Is it safe to eat this fruit with the seeds?"

The answer is absolutely safe. In fact, pomegranate seeds also contain a variety of important nutrients, such as vitamin E and fiber, which are good for health. However, pregnant women who suffer from chronic constipation need to be careful, because consumption of pomegranate and its seeds can increase the risk of intestinal obstruction.

The benefits of pomegranate for pregnant women are varied, but pregnant women still have to be careful in consuming it. Although rare, some people can experience allergic reactions, such as itching, swelling, and shortness of breath, after consuming pomegranate.