Want to Live Longer? Marry!

When you get married, you will have a companion who can accompany and support your days, both in times of joy and sorrow. His presence can also be a reminder that you always live a better life. That way, getting married may be able to provide its own benefits for your health, which can make you live longer.

Marriage that may have a positive impact on health is when you and your partner live it in a stable manner, not filled with drama and other negative things. According to research, it is men who may get more of these benefits.

Here are some of the health benefits of marriage:

Live better. Nobody wants their partner to do bad things. now, when you get married, you will probably have someone who always reminds you and guides you to live a better life, for example reminding you to eat healthy food and forbidding if you live an unhealthy life.

Better blood pressure. According to research, couples who are happily married have better blood pressure than those who are single. Getting a warm hug from your partner may also have a positive effect on blood pressure. You should know, hugging can reduce levels of cortisol which is produced by adrenaline when someone is under stress.

Mental health is maintained. Living alone or isolated is often associated with depression. now, according to reports, getting married can help reduce depression. When you get married you are also more able to deal with stress well. That's because of the presence of a partner who is ready to help you in difficult times.

Heals wounds quickly. According to research, if you get married and live it happily, the wounds on your body may heal faster.

Happier. The biggest benefit you can get from marriage is a sense of happiness. And the bottom line is that if you're happy, you're more likely to live a healthier life.

Take advantage of having sex. Having sex with a partner has many benefits. Some of them have been mentioned above. Other things you can get from this activity include sleep better, burn calories, tighten muscles, relieve headaches, and are good for heart health.

In essence, getting married can improve the overall quality of life so that you can live longer. Married people will also feel loved and feel calm because they have someone who is always by their side. This can make them live longer. The percentage of the odds of living longer between men and women in terms of marriage was found to be higher in men.

But what you need to remember is that these benefits can be achieved if your marriage is of good quality, aka happy. If your marriage is not happy, poor health can come your way.

A quality marriage here does not mean that you are always surrounded by wealth or never quarrel with your partner. A quality marriage can be obtained by respecting each other, not blaming, being honest, being loyal to your partner, not holding grudges, always communicating, and holding on to commitments.