Living Life as a Blind Person

Living with visual impairment is not easy and requires a lot of adjustment process. However, that does not mean it is impossible. BHow many adaptation steps can be taken? by blind people to be able to live independently and socialize with the surrounding environment.

Based on data from the Ministry of Health in 2014, in Indonesia there were around 5.6 million people living with disabilities, and around 2.2 million of them were blind.

Blind people or people living with blindness can be categorized into two, namely partially blind and completely blind. Partial blindness means that you still have limited vision. While completely blind means being in complete darkness or unable to see at all, not even a speck of light. Unlike other vision disorders, blindness cannot be corrected with the use of assistive devices such as glasses, contact lenses, or medication.

By learning to adapt, make some adjustments, and master a number of special skills, blind people can still live independently and carry out various activities safely and comfortably.

Here are some steps to make life easier even with visual impairments:

  • Access iinformation and peducate

    Even though they cannot see, the blind can still read books, magazines, or newspapers, either conventionally or online (on line). They can learn Braille, a writing system that uses raised dots instead of numbers and letters of the regular alphabet. Many books have been made in Braille to make it easier for those who have visual impairments to read.

    Information for the visually impaired can also now be accessed through software (software) a computer that can read out documents and text (audiobook). This feature allows users to listen to the reading of the text displayed on the computer screen. Apart from that, there are also keyboard computer Braille edition for writing.

  • Make household chores easier

    Braille can also help blind people in doing their daily homework independently. For example, attaching a label to a washing machine using Braille.

  • Helps mobility in daily activities

    Blind people can also use a guide dog to make it easier for them to walk safely, as well as a friend.

  • Adjusting to the environment

    Through the help of this technology, it is not impossible for a person with visual impairment to become someone who remains productive in the place where he works.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle

    Blind people can also join blind communities and attend events to get various information, as well as a means to socialize.

  • Get family and environmental support

    In addition to emotional support, families can help people with visual impairments by arranging the house and arranging the layout of the furniture to make it easier for them to move in the house, ensure that the floor of the house is not slippery, get rid of objects that can trip them up, and help them distinguish the nominal value of money.

In living daily life, every blind person certainly has his own way. All of that cannot be separated from the process accompanied by a desire to continue learning and adapting using other senses that are still functioning well. So, it is not impossible for a person with visual impairment to carry out activities and daily life independently, despite having limitations.