What Triggers Gout?

Avoiding the trigger factors for gout rheumatism is not aimed at treating the disease, but can help control attacks.

In general, there are several factors that can trigger gout attacks. If you are overweight, losing weight is the main step in treating gout. In addition, if you have been detected or have the potential to suffer from rheumatic gout, it is better to limit yourself from consuming the following things.

Drink hard like beer or any drink containing alcohol except wine can trigger high levels of uric acid and rheumatism or gout. In addition, this type of drink can trigger dehydration.

Dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, the kidneys' ability to get rid of excess uric acid is reduced. So if you lack drinking water, you are at risk of getting gout rheumatic attacks.

Foods that contain high levels of purines can increase uric acid levels in the blood. Purines are substances that occur naturally in some foods and are processed in the body into uric acid.

Purines are commonly found in high protein foods, such as red meat (beef and lamb), beef liver, seafood dishes (anchovies, shellfish, sardines), and spinach. Especially if these foods are consumed together. You should limit the consumption of all types of meat, from chicken to beef.

Drinks that are high in sugar generally contain the sugar content of fructose. Soft drinks should be avoided. Processed carbohydrates such as white bread or flour noodles do have a low urine content. However, this type of food can lead to weight gain. So a better step is to eat healthy carbohydrates with high fiber, such as potatoes, beans, and vegetables. Pay attention to food choices for people with gout to reduce the risk.

Certain drugs Medicines to treat high blood pressure or heart failure can trigger high uric acid levels. Some examples of types of drugs that can trigger gout rheumatic attacks are: beta-blockersdiuretics, aspirin and cyclosporine. Therefore, if you have high uric acid, it is important to inform before your doctor prescribes medication.

Stress due to illness or medical procedure such as surgery can cause increased uric acid levels and trigger rheumatism.

Triggers for gout attacks can be different for each person. There are those who can lower uric acid levels by reducing one type of food, but there are also those who need to do more. Identifying the trigger factors for your gout rheumatic attack specifically can make life healthier and more comfortable.