Psychological tests can identify the type of mental disorder you feel

When experiencing severe stress or problems, it is likely that someone will experience psychological or mental disorders. Psychologists can help by conducting various psychological tests to find out the cause and how to deal with the stress or problem.

Psychological tests are widely known in offices to determine personality, IQ level or understand employee strengths and weaknesses. However, a psychologist can also perform psychological tests on someone who has a mental or psychological disorder, to find out the cause of the disorder.

Written Test and Interview

The role of psychologists in overcoming psychological disorders is not only as a place to tell stories, but at the same time helping someone to improve their next life. It aims to restore healthy behavior, including improving relationships with others, teaching how to express emotions better, or thinking more positively.

A person who has a mental disorder will generally experience changes in emotions, thoughts, or behavior in living their daily lives. Signs that appear include feelings of sadness, confusion, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, excessive fear and worry, feeling guilty, withdrawing from the environment, having trouble sleeping, taking medication, experiencing drastic mood changes and so on. However, many people do not realize that what they are experiencing is a mental disorder that may require professional help.

To understand the exact condition, psychologists can perform psychological tests that last for a few hours or up to more than a day. The type of psychological test given will be adjusted to the condition and ability of a person at that time. Psychologists can give a series of psychological tests in writing in the form of questions, lists, surveys and others. It is possible that a psychological test will be followed by an interview session to explore and evaluate the problem at hand.

After the psychological test is completed, the psychologist will collect and analyze the information obtained in order to determine the diagnosis, necessary actions or provide recommendations for treatment to other parties.

Followed by Therapy

Mental disorders that are not treated properly can lead to serious problems over time. Therefore, psychologists may suggest psychotherapy to treat the disorder after an evaluation.

Several types of therapy for people with mental disorders, including:

  • Speech Therapy or Psychotherapy

This therapy is counseling, discussing the patient's condition including feelings, moods or moods, thoughts and behavior. Psychotherapy can be done one-on-one, with family members or in groups. This therapy aims to build and support when dealing with problems.

  • Control stress

Stress can make pain worse. To prevent this, psychologists will teach you how to reduce stress and pain that arises.

  • Practice relaxation techniques

To deal with the problems at hand, psychologists may invite patients to learn to practice relaxation techniques to be calmer in dealing with stress or anxiety, so that they can determine attitudes, choices and find the best solution for the problems at hand.

  • Introducing pain management

The purpose of this exercise is to significantly improve the quality of life in the face of life's challenges.

Psychological tests are considered capable of being a bridge to find out and overcome mental disorders experienced by a person. By conducting a series of psychological tests, the psychologist can determine the psychological disorders experienced by a person and provide treatment. Many people will also be helped by psychological tests, because they will be able to know themselves better and know the best way to deal with various problems, so that their quality of life will be better.