Here's How to Thicken your Eyelashes

There are various ways to thicken eyelashes that are safe and easy to do, ranging from natural treatments to the use of eyelash thickening drugs. You want thick and curly eyelashes? Check out the following article to find out how.

In addition to supporting appearance, eyelashes are also important to protect the eyes from dirt and function as sensors that warn the eyes of potential danger when objects are approaching. So, it is natural that having thick, curly, and not easy to fall eyelashes is a dream for many people.

Various Ways to Thicken Eyelashes

If you want to have thicker and stronger lashes, there are several easy treatment options for you to try. Here are some of them:

Coconut oil

How to thicken eyelashes that you can try is to use coconut oil, either in the form of serum or virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil has been proven safe to use and has many benefits in helping to maintain healthy eyelashes.

Although usually used as a treatment to moisturize and prevent hair breakage, coconut oil is also known to have the same properties when used on eyelashes.

Coconut oil contains a lot of lauric acid which is easily absorbed by the hair shaft, so it can protect hair from protein damage caused by chemicals in facial cleansers or soaps. make-up remover.

With this property, applying coconut oil to the eyelashes on a regular basis can strengthen the eyelashes and reduce hair loss, thereby making them appear thicker.

Additionally, thanks to coconut oil's antimicrobial and antifungal properties, applying this oil to your eyelashes and surrounding skin is thought to protect you from infections of the eyelids that often cause a lot of eyelash loss.

Castor oil

The next way to thicken eyelashes is with pure castor oil or castor oil. Oil derived from this jatropha tree has a ricinoleic acid content of 90%.

Although research on the efficacy of ricinoleic acid on hair loss is still limited, castor oil has been widely used and is said to be beneficial for growing thicker eyelashes.

This property is thought to come from the ability of castor oil to moisturize the skin without causing irritation and clogging the pores or glands around the eyelashes. Moist and healthy skin conditions will better support the growth of thicker eyelashes.

Before you buy castor oil, make sure that it is pure castor oil. The reason is, castor oil that has been mixed with oil or other ingredients can cause irritation and do not provide optimal results.

Olive oil

Not only used for hair growth, olive oil is also believed to thicken and grow eyelashes. Olive oil is rich in fatty acids, such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, and palmitic acid, which have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties.

These fatty acids are known to soften eyelashes, support healthy follicle function, and strengthen eyelashes, so that eyelashes grow faster and don't fall out easily. Even so, research is still needed to support the benefits of olive oil in thickening eyelashes.

How to Apply Oil to Thicken Eyelashes

The best time to do eyelash treatment with the oils above is before going to bed. Here are the steps in using oil to thicken eyelashes:

  • Make sure your lashes are clean and free of makeup.
  • Dip a brush or cotton swab slowly and little by little into the container of oil.
  • Carefully apply the oil from the roots to the tips of the lashes, just like wearing mascara.
  • Be careful not to get the oil into the eyes to prevent irritation. If it is already in, immediately wash with water.
  • Use a cotton swab to remove excess oil from your eyelashes or skin.
  • Wash off the oil in the morning with water.
  • Do this treatment every day.

The normal eyelash growth cycle is between 30–60 days. This means, you can see the results of this eyelash treatment in about 2–4 months.

To make sure the oil is safe to use, the day before eyelash treatment you should apply a small amount of the oil on your skin, for example behind your ear. After that, you can see and choose what kind of oil is suitable and does not cause irritation to your skin.

In addition to the three oils above, there is a medical drug that can be used to make eyelashes thicker and longer, namely bimatoprost. However, the use of bimatoprost in BPOM is still intended as prescription eye drops to treat glaucoma, not for eyelashes.

If you want to use drugs to thicken eyelashes, you should first consult with your doctor. You need to be wary of eyelash thickening drugs that are sold freely in the market, especially those that do not have a BPOM permit and their contents are not clearly listed.