How to Explain Corona Virus to Children so Children Don't Worry

Providing information to children about the Corona virus is not easy. An inappropriate way of explaining can make children not understand the dangers of the Corona virus or even feel afraid. Therefore, parents need to know the right way to explain the Corona virus to their children.

The Corona virus outbreak has caused many people to carry out activities at home. Learning activities at schools were also temporarily suspended in order to suppress the spread of the virus, so many children had to study from home.

Not only that, news related to COVID-19 also appears very often on television, print media, media on line, as well as social media, and almost everyone is talking about the Corona virus. Not to mention that government policies have brought about many drastic changes in daily life, the impact of which is also felt by children.

These things can make children feel confused and anxious. nowSo that children don't get confused or panicked, parents and adults around them need to know the right way to explain the Corona virus to children.

Guide to Explaining Corona Virus to Children

Experts in the field of child psychology urge parents to convey information about the Corona virus to children accurately and in a way that can be understood by children according to their age. If done in the wrong way, explanations about the Corona virus can actually make children feel afraid, sad, or stressed.

The following are some guidelines for parents in providing information to children about the Corona virus:

1. Arm yourself with accurate information

Before explaining the Corona virus to your little one, Mother and Father must first understand what the Corona virus is, what are the symptoms, how it is transmitted, and what can be done to prevent COVID-19.

Make sure the information that Mom and Dad will give to your little one is accurate and not fake news. Therefore, look for information about the Corona virus from trusted sources, such as doctors, health sites that have been recognized by the government, or official health institutions, such as the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and World Health Organization (WHO).

2. Find out what children already know about the Corona virus

Start the conversation about the Corona virus by asking your little one what he already knows about this virus. That way, Mom and Dad can find out the extent of the Little One's understanding, as well as find out whether the information he gets is correct or not.

If your little one is still a toddler and he has never heard of the Corona virus, Mom and Dad don't need to explain this virus to him. Just remind your little one to keep clean, wash their hands often, and not to play outside so they don't get sick.

3. Explain the facts in a language that is easy for children to understand

So that children get the right information about the Corona virus, parents need to explain it in simple sentences and words that are easily understood by children, according to their age. Avoid overly detailed and complicated explanations.

Usually, children will be easier to understand when explained with interesting stories or pictures. Fathers and Mothers can also invite their little ones to watch video shows on the internet that are specially made to explain the Corona virus to children. However, make sure the information in the video is accurate, yes.

If your little one asks about something that Mom and Dad don't know, don't just answer it by guessing. First find out the answer on official media that provides information about the Corona virus, or ask the doctor directly through the health application on line.

4. Make sure the child feels calm and safe

So that children can feel calm, parents also need to remain calm when giving explanations about the Corona virus or during the Corona virus pandemic.

Remember, children tend to imitate the attitude of their parents in responding to something. If Mom and Dad show a calm attitude in dealing with the Corona virus outbreak and all its effects, the Little One will also feel calmer.

When providing information about the Corona virus to children, focus on positive and hopeful things, for example information that COVID-19 can be prevented and cured. Do not scare children with information that can make them anxious, for example, many people have died from the Corona virus.

5. Teach children effective ways to prevent the Corona virus

The following are some ways that parents can teach their children about preventing COVID-19:

  • Invite children to be more diligent in washing their hands and show them how to wash their hands properly.
  • Teach children to apply cough and sneeze etiquette, which is to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue, forearm, or fold their elbows when coughing or sneezing, then immediately throw the used tissue in the trash.
  • Remind children not to touch their face before washing their hands.
  • Invite children to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep.
  • Teach children to keep the house clean by involving them when cleaning the house.
  • Remind children to stay at home and not play outside during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • If you have to leave the house, remind your child to wear a mask and keep a distance of 1 meter from other people. Don't forget to give an example of how far the distance of 1 meter is.
  • Ask your child to tell him if he feels unwell, has a fever, has a sore throat, or is having trouble breathing.

In addition, parents also need to convince their children that by following the steps above, they can protect themselves and others from the Corona virus.

6. Close the conversation carefully

Before ending the conversation about the Corona virus, pay attention to your little one's response. If he seems scared or worried, say something that will calm him down. If necessary, hug and hug your little one so that he feels calmer.

Mom and Dad can also encourage your little one by promising him a family vacation to a place he likes after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

If your little one has trouble sleeping, is easily frightened, restless, or moody after hearing the news about the Corona virus, try to overcome his anxiety, for example by consulting a child psychologist or psychiatrist over the phone or a health application. on line which has features chat with the doctor.

So that children are not bored because they have to be at home for a long period of time, create a comfortable home atmosphere. Do more activities with your little one, such as playing, watching television, gardening, cooking, or having dinner together while exchanging stories, to keep your little one entertained.

Explaining COVID-19 to children needs to be done carefully in the right way. Apply the methods above when explaining the Corona virus to your little one so that the information Mom and Dad give doesn't make him even more anxious.

If you still have questions, both regarding COVID-19 and how to explain it to your child, chat doctor directly in the ALODOKTER application. If you need a direct examination from a doctor, Mom and Dad can also make a consultation appointment with a doctor at the hospital through this application.