Left by Ex-Girlfriend Married? Come on, Move On This Way!

It is undeniable, leaving an ex-boyfriend to marry can certainly cause deep wounds. This is reasonable, how come, but don't let yourself get too lost in sadness, okay? There are many ways that can be done to move on and rise from your adversity.

Some people can react tough when they see or hear that their ex-girlfriend has moved on with her life and has chosen to marry someone else. However, not a few people who actually feel difficult and down when facing this reality.

Actually, feeling sad, angry, heartbroken, regretful, lost, or stressed when your ex-boyfriend is leaving someone else is normal. However, don't let this sadness last for a long time, yes, let alone make you feel hopeless and depressed.

Method Move On from Married Ex-Girlfriend

Abandoned by your ex-girlfriend from marriage may make you feel as if you just want to give up on the situation and live, but try to stay strong and steadfast, OK? You also need to try to get up and move on in the following ways:

1. Don't deny negative emotions

Try not to deny or suppress the emotions and hurt you are feeling, let alone to blame or hate yourself. Grieve and cry, if that makes you feel more at ease. If necessary, give yourself time to be alone, grieve, and reflect.

However, remember, don't let this inner wound be allowed to drag on, OK? Absorbing negative emotions also needs to have a limit. Instill in your mind that you are a strong person and can get through this situation well. Do it too positive self talk to prevent negative thoughts.

2. Talk with the closest people

You are not alone how come in the face of this grief. So, just share your feelings with people you trust, like friends or family. Not only can you get advice or encouragement, this method can also make you feel more relieved, you know.

If you don't feel comfortable talking to other people, you can also write it down in a diary.

3. Keep things that remind you of him

Good and bad memories with Him that are still shrouded in your mind can make you fail move on. So, try to stay away from things that remind you of him, okay?

Also stop to find out or be curious about Si He's life through social media. If necessary, you can unfollow their social media accounts and delete all photos or videos of the two of you or try a social media detox.

After all, it's also not necessary to be friends with an ex-lover, unless it's a professional interest, such as a business or co-worker.

4. Do fun activities

Instead of being sad all the time, try to distract yourself by doing fun activities for me time, such as listening to music, watching movies, gardening, or cooking.

You can also pursue a new hobby to fill your spare time. It can also be a form of overflowing your emotions and feelings in a positive way (catharsis).

If you want to experience a new atmosphere, it never hurts to take a few days off from work to traveling. You can also invite family or friends to accompany you during the holidays so you don't feel lonely.

5. Focus on self-care

You can be sad when your ex-girlfriend is married. But, don't sacrifice your health just because you're not with the people you love, okay? You still need to take care of your health so you don't fall sick.

Even though you are heartbroken, you still have to take good care of yourself. For that, stay focused on self-care and health, for example by regularly eating healthy foods, trying meditation, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly.

You should also not vent your emotions in negative ways, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, or even trying to hurt yourself.

6. Open your heart when you are ready

There is no need to rush to find a replacement for Si He. Don't be in a relationship with someone just to make him jealous or to channel disappointment from your previous relationship. This relationship is called rebound relationship.

When your emotions are more stable and can interpret the situation as a valuable lesson, this indicates that you are ready to open your heart to someone new.

It may sound cliché, but letting Him go from your life might be the best way to keep you strong and tough to face this difficult time.

There are aphorisms that say, "don't cry because this relationship is over, but smile because you've been together." Even though this harsh reality is hard to accept, you must be able to learn to get up and move on with your life.

However, if the heartbreak you feel has made you feel depressed or even depressed and is interfering with your activities, try asking a psychologist or psychiatrist for help. That way, you can get the best advice to get out of this problem.