Take note, this is the good behavior of parents that may be imitated by children

Children see, children do." This saying is true, you know. The good behavior of parents that children see is very likely to shape their character and habits as well. So, what are some good habits of parents that may be imitated by children?

Generally, children will begin to imitate the behavior of their parents from the age of 1 year. At this age, children's motor and cognitive skills have developed, so that children can pay attention to the surrounding environment better and also have the ability to practice it.

Good Behavior of Parents That Children Can Imitate

Children can imitate anything they see, including the use of language and social behavior. The following are some good habits of parents that can be imitated by children:

1. Discipline

Discipline is an attitude of obeying the rules that have been made. If Mom and Dad always apply this attitude, the Little One will also follow and respect the applicable rules. For example, if Mom and Dad always tidy up something when they're done using it, your little one can also behave the same way.

2. Honest

An honest attitude must be instilled from an early age because it can have an impact on social relationships when the child is an adult. As much as possible, avoid telling lies or lying for good.white lies). The dishonesty that Mom and Dad do in front of the Little One can be recorded and imitated by him.

3. Polite

Teaching children about manners must start from parents. Show your little one how to interact well with other people. Smile when talking to other people, say thank you after being given help, and apologize when you make a mistake.

By seeing this attitude in Mom and Dad, your little one will also practice it when communicating with other people. This attitude can also prevent your little one from being a perpetrator bullying.

4. Work hard

The nature of wanting to work hard must be instilled from childhood so that children can grow up to be independent. To cultivate this attitude, parents must be a good example first. That way, this behavior will be embedded in the child by itself.

5. Healthy living

Another good behavior that will be imitated by children is the pattern of life. When Mom and Dad adopt a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, your little one will do the same. Implementing this healthy lifestyle can prevent him from developing obesity and various diseases in the future.

Children almost always imitate what their parents do. Therefore, fathers and mothers need to model good behavior and attitudes in their little ones. Do this good habit consistently, so that your little one is motivated to continue to preserve the good things that Mom and Dad have taught.

In addition, avoid doing bad habits, such as irritability, complaining, or gossiping, because this can be imitated by your little one too.

There are no perfect parents. Mom and Dad may also find it difficult to practice this. However, that doesn't mean Mom and Dad don't have the opportunity to learn to be better parents, right?

To help, Mom and Dad can you know discuss with friends or family who also have children. Sharing experiences and listening to other people's problems or opinions can be good motivation for Mom and Dad.

If Mom and Dad feel the Little One has bad behavior or habits. Try to introspect yourself and slowly change it while being a good example for him. However, if you find it difficult and your little one's behavior is worrying, don't hesitate to consult a doctor, okay?