Shhh, Keeping Secrets Can Disturb Health, You Know!

In the right portion, keeping a secret is really necessary. However, if the hidden secret becomes a burden to the point of stress, it is not impossible that the secret can interfere with mental and physical health.

A person usually does not tell the facts about himself because he is afraid of what will happen next, is afraid of appearing weak, or is afraid that the other person's response will be different from what he expected. At first keeping a secret may seem safe, but keeping too many secrets can actually backfire on you.

The Bad Impact of Keeping Too Many Secrets

Whether we realize it or not, hiding secrets can affect a person's physical and emotional health. Here are some of the bad effects:

Increase stress

The more you try to hide the secret, the more you will think about it. This can certainly be thought-provoking, especially when you're interacting with people who shouldn't know the secret.

A study shows that someone who is not hiding a secret is more likely to think about it. Thinking about something for a long time can increase stress, especially if what you are thinking is a secret that cannot be easily shared with other people.

Ruin the mood

Not infrequently, keeping a secret makes you have to pretend in front of other people. When you're pretending, your actions tend to conflict with how you feel. If done continuously, this can spoil your mood and make you feel that life is no longer free and fun.

Affects happiness and physical health

Several studies have found that keeping secrets can lower levels of happiness and overall quality of life. This impact will be felt even greater if you keep secrets from those closest to you, such as your partner, family, or friends.

Situations that make you depressed while keeping a secret are not impossible to cause depression. This will also interfere with physical health.

Depression is known to cause disturbances in eating and sleeping patterns, and even increases the risk of several chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems.

Tips for Managing Secrets Well

So that you can get rid of the burden of thoughts that accumulate due to keeping too many secrets, try to manage them in these ways:

1. Talk to a trusted person

Talking to someone you trust about various problems can help you lighten your mind, see things from a different perspective, find solutions you didn't think of before, and help release any tension that builds up.

In addition, having someone who is always supportive and can share your feelings with each other will also make you feel less alone.

2. Write

There are many benefits of writing that you can get. One of them is to help you identify your own thoughts and feelings. In addition, writing can also help you solve problems and find the right solution easily.

You can write about whatever is bothering you in a diary, either physically or on line. However, you should avoid using social media that can be accessed by many people, yes.

3. Try to think long term

Take the time to set aside some time for yourself, even if only for 10 minutes. Try to stay away from situations that might make you stressed and angry. That way, it will be easier for you to see the big picture of the situation you are in.

After that, try to ask yourself, "Is this secret worth taking up your time and mind?", "Is this secret still important in 10 years?", "The worst thing about revealing this secret is the bad judgment of other people towards me, but what is it? heavier than my current depressed state?”

4. Doing useful activities

Emotional stress usually won't cause any problems if you can deal with it in a healthy and productive way.

Keeping yourself busy by doing various useful activities, such as exercising, drawing, singing, or going for a walk with friends, will make your life more relaxed, refresh your mind, and release stress.

A secret may be of great value to you and you do not want to share with anyone. However, at one point, maybe letting go of the secret would be better than keeping it.

If you want your secret to be guaranteed and assessed objectively, you can disclose it to a psychologist. You can even choose a psychologist according to your problems, ranging from career, husband and wife relationships, alcohol abuse, to sexual harassment. That way, you can be guided in making decisions.