Various Benefits and Ways of Doing Laughter Yoga that are a pity to miss

Want a healthy body but you feel that exercise is torturous? Wait a minute, you haven't tried laughing yoga yet. This sport is not only fun and happy heart, but also brings many health benefits.

As the name suggests, laughter yoga is a type of yoga that involves regulating breathing and laughing patterns. Laughter has its own psychological value because it maintains your mental health. When balanced with breathing exercises carried out in yoga activities, a series of benefits will be obtained.

The Benefits of Laughter Yoga

The combination of laughter and breathing exercises performed during laughter yoga will increase the saturation and flow of oxygen to the brain and throughout the body. This will bring many health benefits, including:

1. Overcoming sleep disorders

If you have trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia, I think you should join laughing yoga. ok. The reason is, there are studies that show that laughing yoga can improve sleep quality and overcome sleep disorders, such as insomnia.

2. Overcoming depression

In addition to overcoming sleep disorders, research has also revealed that laughter yoga can overcome depression. This benefit is associated with the release of endorphins when you laugh, which can make you feel happier.

3. Help relieve dementia

Although it still needs to be researched further, laughing yoga is believed to be able to bring benefits to people with dementia. This has been linked to the effectiveness of laughter in improving the mood of people with dementia.

4. Improve the quality of life of patients multiple sclerosis

Laughter exercise is also one of the recommended exercises for people with disorders of the nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis. This practice is similar to laughing yoga in that it also involves breathing and relaxation exercises.

Laughter exercises can relieve tension and are often associated with increased work of the immune system and cardiovascular system when combined with breathing exercises. This can have a positive impact on sufferers multiple sclerosis.

How to Do Laughter Yoga at Home

You can join a laughing yoga class guided by an instructor, or you can practice it yourself at home or in the garden. Invite at least five of your friends, so laughing yoga can be more fun.

Here's how to practice laughing yoga:

  • Sit cross-legged on the mat with other yoga participants, forming a circle.
  • Perform relaxation techniques as a warm-up by taking a deep breath, then exhaling slowly. Repeat this movement for about 10 minutes.
  • After the warm-up is complete, stretch your arms out to the sides so that your palms are pressed against the palms of the yoga participants on your left and right. That way, the arms of the yoga participants will be connected to each other and form a closed circle.
  • Clap your hands to other yoga participants at the same time. Stimulation and pressure on the palms will increase group energy and coordination.
  • While clapping your hands with other participants, you can also bend your knees and shake your head. This will make the atmosphere comfortable, relaxed, and happier. To spark a laugh, you can look at each other. Do this activity for about 30 minutes.
  • After that, rest for about 10 minutes, and let the body relax again.
  • To help you relax more, sit cross-legged and place your hands on your knees. Close your eyes, then take a deep breath and exhale slowly. While you are doing this movement, focus your mind only on your breath and do this for a few minutes.

now, that's how to do yoga laughing. Easy, right? You can try it with your friends, or with your partner and family, to get various benefits.

If you've been doing this sport but feel it doesn't fit or you don't get the benefits, don't hesitate to consult a doctor to find out other exercise options that can improve your health condition.