Horror Movies Can Affect Mental Health, Really?

Watching horror films does provide tension and excitement for its fans. However, watching horror films is said to be bad for mental health. Is that true?

Someone who often watches horror films generally becomes more alert and able to anticipate many things. In addition, for people with anxiety disorders or OCD, watching movies genre it can also make them better able to control their fears and build self-confidence.

The things above are examples of the benefits of horror films. Although it has benefits, you still need to be vigilant. The reason is, horror films can also have a negative impact on the behavior, mindset, and emotional stability of the audience.

The Bad Effects of Horror Movies on Mental Health

People with anxiety disorders can really benefit from watching horror films. However, on the other hand, horror films run the risk of causing negative feelings and thoughts that can actually make them more anxious and easily stressed or panicked.

For people who are more sensitive, watching horror movies can disturb their calm, because they will tend to re-imagin scenes that scare them, even to have nightmares.

Besides, watching movies genre Horror can also increase the adrenaline hormone in the body. This can make it more difficult for you to sleep or not sleep well, especially if you have nightmares.

A study revealed that someone who lacks sleep tends to have more negative emotions, such as feelings of anxiety and sadness.

In another study also said that 90% of people with poor sleep quality are prone to depression. Worse yet, many studies have shown that the death rate due to suicide is more common in adults who are sleep deprived.

Tips for Watching Healthy Horror Movies

Although horror films can have a negative impact on mental health, that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch them at all. To get the benefits, there are some tips for watching horror films that you can apply, namely:

  • Choose a horror movie theme that suits you so you can watch more comfortably. If you are afraid of ghosts, choose a horror film with a theme that is more towards thriller. Vice versa.
  • Look away for a moment when there is a scene that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Try to turn on the lights and not watch alone, so you feel more secure.
  • Don't watch horror movies in excess and stay up late at night.
  • Don't force watching horror movies if you really feel uncomfortable.

Horror films are widely liked because they can pump the heart rate through a suspenseful story and decorated with many surprises. However, don't force yourself to watch if you don't feel ready.

Remember that this film can be harmful to mental health. So, try to apply the tips for watching horror movies as described above.

You also need to monitor how horror movies affect how you feel. If after watching a horror film you feel uneasy, have trouble sleeping, or have frequent bad dreams, you should consult a doctor, yes.