Solutions to Overcome Difficulty Sleeping During Menstruation

In addition to mood swings, stomach upset, and acne breakouts, some women may also experience difficulty sleeping during menstruation. If left unchecked, difficulty sleeping during menstruation can concentrate in carrying out daily activities, you know. Therefore, come on, find out how to fix it!

Actually, difficulty sleeping or insomnia during menstruation is one of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which occurs due to hormonal changes during menstruation. Complaints that arise during menstruation can also exacerbate difficulty sleeping during menstruation.

Various Ways to Overcome Difficulty Sleeping During Menstruation

You can overcome difficulty sleeping during menstruation in the following ways:

1. Exercise routine

EitsMenstruation is not an excuse not to exercise, you know! Besides being useful for dealing with headaches and stomach cramps, exercising during menstruation is also useful for making you sleep better. You can do yoga, swimming, or exercise.

2. Pay attention to the food you eat

Meat, eggs, vegetables, yogurt, and green vegetables are included in the types of foods recommended during menstruation. These types of foods can help reduce the discomfort you feel during your period, so hopefully they can help reduce the sleep difficulties you experience.

You are not recommended to eat a lot of fatty foods, because fatty foods can increase your risk of experiencing digestive disorders that can interfere with your sleep.

3. Set the room temperature

Room temperature can affect sleep quality. Generally, a room that is too hot will tend to make it harder for you to sleep. Therefore, before going to bed make sure you have set the room temperature first.

Make your bedroom temperature as comfortable as possible, not hot, not too cold. Before going to bed, you can also take a warm shower before going to bed. This activity can help you feel more comfortable to fall asleep immediately.

4. Practice relaxation techniques

Some women may find their moods change easily during menstruation, which can make them restless and have trouble sleeping. To overcome this you can do relaxation techniques before bed.

Try taking a deep breath through your nose, then slowly releasing it through your mouth, repeating several times before going to bed. As you do this, try to imagine all the thoughts that are bothering you going away as you exhale.

5. Choose a comfortable sleeping position

The muscle aches and stomach cramps you feel during your period may interfere with your sleep. To overcome this and make your sleep feel comfortable, you try sleeping on your side or on your back. If necessary, you can also add a pillow to make your body more comfortable.

6. Avoid consuming alcohol

Drinking alcohol during menstruation can cause you to have trouble sleeping. So if you are used to drinking alcohol, you should first stop this habit before and during menstruation.

In addition, avoid going on a diet and consuming caffeine during menstruation, as this can also make it difficult for you to sleep. If the complaint of difficulty sleeping during menstruation does not go away and interferes with your activities, don't hesitate to immediately consult a doctor.