Get to know the Bradley Method, a Painless Normal Delivery Technique

The Bradley method is a labor-saving technique that is claimed to be minimally painful. The rationale for this claim is the notion that childbirth is a natural thing that should not require the help of pain medication. This method is believed to be able to make the birthing process easier and less painful.

Before giving birth with the Bradley method, pregnant women and their husbands need to take prenatal classes available at the hospital. Prenatal classes for the Bradley method generally begin at 5 months of pregnancy or for at least 12 weeks before delivery.

The Origin of the Bradley Method of Childbirth

The Bradley method was introduced by doctor Robert Bradley in 1947. This birth method was born to dispel the notion that childbirth is naturally scary and causes excruciating pain.

By using this method, it is believed that childbirth can occur naturally and actually does not require painkillers. Medical intervention and medications, such as caesarean section or episiotomy, are only needed in certain conditions or in emergency situations.

What to learn in the Bradley Method of Childbirth

Because childbirth using the Bradley method applies a natural concept, pregnant women and their husbands are advised to take pre-delivery classes. Prenatal classes are needed so that pregnant women have excellent physical and mental health, so that childbirth can run smoothly.

In attending prenatal classes, pregnant women and their husbands will receive a variety of important materials, such as:

1. How to maintain health during pregnancy

During the prenatal class, pregnant women will be given an understanding of the importance of maintaining nutritional intake during pregnancy. This is done so that the process of fetal development in the womb takes place properly.

In addition to paying attention to nutritional intake, an understanding of the importance of maintaining health during pregnancy will also be provided, including safe exercise options for pregnant women.

2. How to deal with childbirth

An explanation of the stages of contractions until the delivery process will also be given, including how to deal with them. Pregnant women will be taught relaxation techniques and pain management during contractions and labour.

Breathing exercises, massage, to a comfortable birthing position will be taught in this class. The goal is for labor to run smoothly. In addition, an understanding of drugs and the necessary follow-up actions during delivery will also be provided.

3. Training for birth attendants

Not only pregnant women, their husbands or birth attendants will also receive training. They will be taught how to make pregnant women feel comfortable during the delivery process. The role of these companions is quite important because their presence is able to provide enthusiasm and a sense of calm that can facilitate the birthing process.

4. Postpartum care

Information about postpartum care for both mother and baby will also be provided during childbirth classes. Pregnant women will be taught how to take care of themselves after giving birth, build an early bond with the baby, how to care for and breastfeed the baby, and how to be a good parent.

Ideal Conditions of Childbirth According to the Bradley Method

In addition to prenatal classes, the following ideal conditions are also needed so that the Bradley method of delivery can run smoothly:

Dim delivery room

When choosing the Bradley delivery method, the delivery room will be conditioned with slightly dim light. The goal is for pregnant women to feel more relaxed.

Feelings of comfort and safety for expectant mothers

Pregnant women need to feel comfortable and calm when giving birth with the Bradley method. For this reason, the delivery room should not be filled with many people, just a husband or companion.

The husband or companion who is in charge of accompanying the pregnant woman during childbirth must be ready for the duration of the delivery. When pregnant women are hot, for example, husbands must be ready to fan so that pregnant women feel comfortable. If the pregnant woman is cold, her husband must also quickly cover the pregnant woman with a cloth to keep her warm.

Now, Apart from these conditions, pregnant women are also advised to give birth in a hospital that does provide delivery facilities using this method, or at a hospital that pregnant women usually visit during routine pregnancy check-ups. This is so that pregnant women feel more calm and comfortable.

Applying lessons from childbirth class

Pregnant women must be confident that they can apply the lessons taught in prenatal classes, so that the Bradley method of delivery can run smoothly.

However, it is not only pregnant women who need to be sure, their husbands or companions must also feel confident. They must be able to be a reliable support during the delivery process.

Husbands as birth attendants are expected to remind, guide, and encourage pregnant women to do the things that have been taught during the prenatal class.

The Bradley method is one technique that offers a normal delivery with good preparation, so that pain and discomfort during labor can be passed without drugs or the help of tools. If pregnant women are interested in giving birth with this method, it is advisable to consult a doctor first. The reason is, not all pregnant women can give birth with this method