It turns out that there are rules for throwing expired medicine

In order not to be misused by irresponsible people, there are rules to dispose of expired drugs.So, mstart now avoid disposing of drugs carelessly.

Whatever the type of drug, if it has passed the expiration date, the drug should be immediately removed or discarded. The composition of expired drugs can change and potentially endanger health if consumed.

Return Expired Medicines to the Pharmacy

Expired drugs that are just thrown in the trash, toilets, or drains can harm other people and the environment. Apart from being used by other people with bad intentions, expired drugs that are thrown into the toilet can also end up in the water supply system and endanger the environment.

Even in studies mention that certain expired drugs are also at risk of becoming a place for bacterial growth. Antibiotics that are past their expiration date can fail to treat infections, and can lead to more serious illness and antibiotic resistance.

Therefore, one of the safe ways to dispose of expired drugs is to take expired drugs to the nearest pharmacy to be destroyed or disposed of safely according to local health agency procedures.

The Right Way to Dispose of Expired Medicines Yourself

If you really want to dispose of expired medicine yourself, there are several things you need to pay attention to in complying with the rules, including:

  • Read medication labels first and if there are special disposal instructions attached, then follow the directions.
  • Separate expired medicines from the medicine packaging or plastic.
  • Do not crush the drug in tablet or capsule form, but mix the expired drug with soil, cat litter, coffee grounds or other substance that absorbs the drug.
  • Place the medicine to be disposed of in a sealed plastic bag to prevent small children, pets or other people from picking it out of your trash.
  • Dispose of medicine in the trash.
  • If disposing of a prescription medication, cross out all the information on the label of the medication bottle or plastic.
  • Remove information from prescription drug labels to help maintain privacy and protect information about your personal health.

If your personal medicine has a long expiration date, store it well in a cool, dark, not damp place, and out of reach of small children. Drugs exposed to heat and light may lose their efficacy against disease.

After knowing a variety of information about how to properly dispose of expired medicine, from now on you must follow the instructions if you later find expired medicine at home. The most important thing is to be careful if you want to dispose of expired drugs so that they are not misused and endanger other people and the environment.