How to choose the right baby name for your baby

Every parent wants to give the best name for their child. However, choosing a baby name is sometimes not as easy as one might think. In order not to be confused in determining the name of the Little One, there are several ways that Mother and Father can try to do to choose the right baby name.

There is nothing wrong with choosing a unique and different name for your little one. However, as parents, Mom and Dad should think about this carefully, especially if you want to give a name that is a bit difficult to pronounce or sounds foreign.

Things to Look For When Choosing a Baby Name

In addition to parents, relatives and closest relatives can also be a source in providing suggestions for the name of the baby to be chosen. However, the final decision in choosing a name remains in the hands of Mother and Father.

Actually there is no right or wrong way to choose and determine a name for your little one. However, if Mom and Dad find it difficult, try to pay attention to the following things so you can get inspiration when you want to give your little one a name:

1. The sound that is heard when the name is mentioned

When choosing a name, think about whether it sounds pleasant, pleasant to hear, or just sounds harsh and unpleasant to pronounce. Also pay attention to the match between the given first name and last name.

2. The meaning of a good name

Each name must have a certain meaning or meaning. As parents, it is important for Mom and Dad to know for sure the meaning of the name that will be given to the Little One.

This is usually done when Mom and Dad take names from a foreign language or region as a source of inspiration. Knowing the meaning contained in a name will help Mother and Father in choosing a name with a good meaning for the Little One.

3. Unique and not excessive

A unique name will indeed give its own impression when heard. However, unusual names sometimes make others think they are strange or misunderstand the sound of the name.

A name that is too unique or strange is also feared to make the Little One feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with the name given. In fact, a name that sounds strange to others can make your little one vulnerable to being laughed at and ridiculed.bully. This of course has an impact on the psychological side of the Little One in the future.

4. Abbreviations of names or initials

Usually, a person's full name consists of 2 or 3 syllables and each letter that starts with the syllable can be used as an initial. Instead, choose a name that when combined does not become an initial name that sounds bad.

Tips for Finding Inspiration for Baby Names

To get the right and good name sometimes takes quite a long time. However, not a few parents are actually very quick to find a name, because it has been thought of since undergoing a pregnancy program.

The following are tips that Mom and Dad can do in finding the right name for your little one, including:


A film watched on TV or cinema can be used as a reference in determining a name. Maybe the name of a certain character or character in the film can be chosen for the name of the Little One.

Family name

Family names can be used as an option in finding the right name for your little one. If the surname is difficult to use as a first name, try making it a last name or adjusting it to a nickname.

Names that match siblings

Choosing a name that matches siblings can also be an option. For example, take a name with a flower theme. The first child can be named Mawar and the second child can be named Melati.

If parents find it difficult or unsure of the name to be given to their little one, don't be afraid to change and choose another name. In addition to the several ways above, Mom and Dad can also find inspiration for baby names from various sources, both books and the internet.

Therefore, Mom and Dad don't need to be in a hurry and reconsider carefully when choosing the right name for your little one.