Here's How to Stop the Habit of Thumb Sucking in Children

Breaking the habit thumb sucking in children is not as easy as imagined. However, you still have to try, because this can have a bad impact on your little one's health if left unchecked.

Thumb sucking is allegedly able to create a sense of security in children, so many of them do this habit when they need calm or when they are going to sleep. The habit of thumb sucking children can actually stop by itself as they get older.

However, if your little one is still doing this when he is 5 years old, you need to do something so that the thumb sucking habit in your child can stop.

The Impact Behind Thumb Sucking Habits on Children

Here are the risks that lurk your little one if Mom and Dad don't stop his thumb sucking habit:

Gupper front teeth which uneven

Thumb sucking can increase pressure on the soft tissues of the roof of the mouth and upper jaw. This pressure can make the upper jaw narrow so that it interferes with the growth of teeth, which can then affect the shape of the child's face.

Gscalloped teeth

If the thumb sucking habit in children continues until the baby's milk teeth fall out and the adult teeth (permanent teeth) grow, the little one is at risk of having crooked teeth.


The uneven structure of the upper front teeth can also change the shape of the jaw, thus affecting the way a child speaks. Your little one may sound slurred in pronouncing some consonants, for example the letter S.

Some children can also have a more sensitive palate due to thumb sucking habits. In addition, if your little one's hands or nails are not clean, dirt and germs that cause disease can enter his body.

How to Stop the Habit of Thumb Sucking on Children

The habit of thumb sucking in children can indeed stop by itself. However, you still need to help your little one to stop this habit as early as possible to prevent the various negative impacts described above.

So that your little one can immediately stop the thumb sucking habit, take the following steps:

1. Menclet me know the cause

First, find out in advance why your child likes thumb sucking. If your little one sucks his thumb when he's worried or stressed, you can turn to something that makes him comfortable, such as hugging him or saying calming words.

If your little one often sucks his thumb when he's bored, give him a fun activity, such as coloring pictures, painting, or playing ball together.

2. Membgive a gift

Banning is not the right solution to break this habit. Therefore, instead of scolding him, it is better for Mom and Dad to give him a gift, when he manages to give up his thumb sucking habit.

The prizes given do not have to be in kind, but can also be in the form of leniency of rules. For example, your little one can play in the park if he doesn't suck his thumb all day long.

3. Membgive time limit

If your child is old enough, you can give him a time limit on thumb sucking. For example, only allow him to suck his thumb in the afternoon or during the day. By giving this rule, it is hoped that the child can stop this habit slowly.

4. Give it understanding

Give your child an understanding of the dangers of thumb sucking. Explain patiently that thumb sucking can be bad for his health.

But remember, do it in an age-appropriate way. For children aged 2 years, Mother can explain it in very simple sentences and use interesting pictures.

5. Give me gloves

If necessary, you can put your little one with gloves. This will make him feel uncomfortable while sucking his thumb, so he will slowly stop the habit.

Don't forget to also praise your little one if he can resist the urge to suck his thumb. That way, he will be motivated to stop sucking his thumb.

Stopping the habit of thumb sucking in children is not an easy thing, but you must not give up and must remain patient. Teach your child to self-soothe in a healthier way, rather than thumb sucking.

If your little one is still sucking their thumb, you should consult a pediatrician or psychologist to get the right way to stop this habit.