Afraid to give birth? These are tips so pregnant women can overcome it

It is normal for pregnant women to feel fear as the time of delivery approaches. However, don't let the fear of giving birth weaken the spirit of pregnant women to meet their baby. There are several tips that pregnant women can do to reduce this fear.

Feelings of fear and anxiety in pregnant women who are about to give birth are usually triggered by imagining bad things that can happen during labor, ranging from pain during contractions, the possibility of having a cesarean section, to childbirth complications, such as tearing the birth canal or heavy bleeding.

Tips to Reduce Fear of Childbirth

A hidden fear of giving birth can make pregnant women think about the worst things about childbirth, and this will actually make pregnant women even more afraid and stressed. Therefore, this fear must be faced.

Below are some tips that pregnant women can do to deal with and reduce the fear of giving birth:

1. Find out the source of fear

One way that pregnant women can do to reduce the fear of giving birth is to find out the source of the fear.

Fear of giving birth can arise because of past trauma related to pregnancy or childbirth. Fear can also be rooted in depression or anxiety disorders that were experienced by pregnant women before pregnancy. Sometimes, the fear of pregnancy can be very severe. This may be due to a phobia of pregnancy or tocophobia.

To find out the reason for the emergence of fear, pregnant women can write down all the feelings of pregnant women in a diary. In addition, pregnant women can also consult with a psychologist to dig deeper into the source of the fear that pregnant women experience, especially if they have a previous history of depression or anxiety disorders.

2. Practice relaxation techniques

Performing relaxation techniques, such as meditation, can reduce the fear of giving birth, so that pregnant women can feel calmer approaching the time of delivery.

One of the easiest ways to meditate is to close your eyes and take a deep breath, then exhale slowly. Focus your attention on the process of inhaling and exhaling air while breathing, while emptying your mind.

3. Talk to your partner

Some pregnant women are reluctant to share their fear of giving birth to anyone, including their partners and doctors. In fact, expressing fear can help reduce anxiety.

With pregnant women telling stories, couples know about the fears pregnant women feel and can help find answers to those fears. Doctors can also provide correct information to reduce pregnant women's worries.

4. Take childbirth classes

Taking childbirth classes can help pregnant women reduce their fear of giving birth. Through childbirth classes, pregnant women will be trained to control pain during childbirth and informed about the choice of delivery methods that pregnant women can undergo.

5. Bring things that can make pregnant women comfortable during childbirth

Entering the delivery room can make pregnant women more afraid and tense. In fact, if pregnant women are tense, the labor process can take longer.

Now, To relax before delivery, bring items that make pregnant women comfortable, such as pregnant women's favorite pillows and blankets, prayer beads, or music players portable.

Fear is a common thing that pregnant women feel before giving birth. Even so, this fear needs to be overcome so that the delivery process goes smoothly.

Pregnant women can do the tips above to overcome the fear of giving birth. However, if this fear still haunts pregnant women's minds, you should discuss this with a doctor. If necessary, before meeting with the doctor, first write down all the things that the pregnant woman is worried about or afraid of so that they can be discussed with the doctor.