Dangers of Sowing Powder on the Vagina

To keep the intimate organs clean and fragrant, there are still some women who sprinkle powder on the vagina. In fact, this habit is not good to do because it can interfere with the health of the female organs, you know.

Powder is one of the most commonly used skin care products to keep the skin clean and refresh. However, some recent research shows that this product is at risk of causing a number of health problems.

This is the Danger of Sowing Powder on the Vagina

Not a few women who sprinkle powder on Miss V with the reason that it smells good, prevents friction between underwear and the groin, or relieves itching. If you are one of those people who like to do this, stop now, okay?

Here are the dangers that lurk behind the habit of sprinkling powder on the vagina:

Vaginal irritation

Some powders contain harsh chemicals or are irritating, so that they can cause vulvar and vaginal irritation. These materials include: triclosan, perfume, sodium sulfate, and parabens.

If irritated, your female sex organs can become itchy, sore, swollen, and appear reddish or a rash will appear. This condition is usually more common if you have sensitive skin, a history of allergies, or eczema.


Powder is generally made of powder talcum (magnesium silicate) or cornstarch. However, some brands of talcum powder have been found to contain asbestos, which is a naturally occurring mineral commonly used for industrial purposes.

now, the use of powder containing these ingredients in the vaginal area is known to increase the risk of cancer, such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

One study stated that there was an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer by 20–30% in women who frequently sprinkled talcum powder in their vagina compared to those who did not.

However, keep in mind also that prolonged use of talcum powder is not the only factor that can increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Other factors include:

  • Age
  • Genetic factors or a family history of ovarian cancer
  • Side effects of estrogen hormone replacement therapy
  • Menstruation at an early age
  • Menopause at too old age
  • History of colon cancer, breast cancer, or uterine cancer

In addition, ovarian cancer also tends to be more at risk in women who have a history of endometriosis, are obese, are frequently exposed to radiation, or have never given birth at all in their lifetime.

The Right Way to Maintain Vaginal Health

Because it can interfere with the health of your female organs, the use of powder in the vagina should be avoided, yes. Instead of sprinkling powder, you can do the following ways to maintain vaginal hygiene:

  • Clean the vagina using water by washing it from the front to the anus, then dry it with a tissue.
  • Use unscented soap to wash the area around the vagina or vulva.
  • Use cotton underwear because it is more comfortable to wear, absorbs sweat well, and gives space for the intimate organs to "breathe".
  • Change underwear regularly, especially when Miss V feels damp or wet.

That's the danger of sowing powder on the vagina that is important for you to know. Don't forget to also apply the tips that have been described above to maintain the health of your intimate organs.

If you experience problems with your intimate organs or experience certain complaints after sprinkling powder on your vagina, such as vaginal pain, itching, swelling, or vaginal discharge, you should immediately consult a doctor.