Married but Still Like Flirting? Maybe this is the reason

When we decide to get married, actually we have to lock the door of our hearts tightly only for one partner. But in fact even though it has been bound by sacred promise,does not rule out your partner to teasing or glancing at the opposite sex other, you know.

Teasing, seducing, or glancing at the opposite sex is called flirting. This activity can be done when He is with you or not, either directly or through intermediaries such as text messages or emails e-mail.

Cause Your Spouse Flirting

If left, flirting what is done after marriage can develop into infidelity. So that it doesn't become a problem in your household, try to identify some of the possible causes of your partner's behavior flirting the following:

1. Wanting a closer relationship with other people

The reason your partner does flirting with the opposite sex besides you maybe because he wants to be closer to other women. Your partner feels interested, challenged, and curious about the woman, so that he realizes or doesn't have "flirted" with women other than you.

2. Consider flirting pleasant

Not all men are serious when they do flirting. Some of them feel this is fun, they think it's just a game or a mere fad.

3. Have a special mission

Flirting This can be done because maybe your partner has a certain mission or purpose behind it. For example, your partner wants to win a special project, so he tries to seduce or tempt his client to make it work the way he wants.

4. Want more relationships

Not all flirting what the adams do leads to a "bed scene". However, this can also happen. Your partner may be attracted by the beauty and grace of other women, which causes him to dare to do it flirting.

5. Feeling bored with the marriage that has been lived

In addition to some of the things above, couples can do flirting because they feel unhappy or bored with their domestic life. This could be because your relationship is starting to drift apart due to each other's busy schedules, lack of communication, or he wants to find a new atmosphere.

Signs Your Partner May Be Flirting

In fact, the majority of men consider marriage to be a serious relationship. However, your household may experience storms and ups and downs, including when your partner does flirting with the opposite sex.

If the couple starts flirting with other people, he may show a change in behavior or you may already suspect that there is something unusual about him.

The following are some of the signs that may indicate that the couple is in love flirting with other people:

Protective of his private conversations on cell phone

Flirting can be used as an initial weapon for Si He cheating. Flirting with a motive like this is usually done in secret and when he is not with you. Example flirting what is done in this way is when Si He deletes all conversations with the opposite sex, be it text messages, chat or e-mail.

He also looks engrossed in himself, suddenly steps away when he receives a call, or forbids you from fiddling with his cellphone or laptop. This kind of behavior happens because he thinks that you will definitely not like it if you know him flirting through conversations with the opposite sex.

Not interested or interested in partner

Flirting can become a fire in your relationship if left alone. Take immediate action if your partner talks about other women more often than you, begins to rarely express affection, is less interested in having sex with you, his attention is occupied and not focused on you, and doesn't feel comfortable spending time with you.

Pay more attention to your appearance

This could be because he wants to try a new trend or fashion. But this sudden change could also be because he wants to amaze his friends flirtinghis

If that happens, you must take firm and serious action. Talk to him nicely, regarding the changes he made during flirting. Remind him of the marital commitment that you built, try to make him aware that his actions are not good, especially if you have committed and have children.

However, you should not assume too quickly that your partner is cheating on you because you see him flirting or glancing at the opposite sex, yes. Remember, good communication is an important part of a healthy relationship.

If you and your partner can't resolve the issue with a cool head, there's nothing wrong with asking a marriage counselor for help to resolve the conflict.