Overcoming Split Ears with Surgery

The earlobe can split due to various reasons, such as accidentally pulling the earring. When the earlobe is torn or the piercing hole widens, earlobe surgery is necessary to repair the damage.

In mild conditions, the part of the earlobe that is split due to the habit of repeatedly removing clothes through the head, using heavy earrings, or due to other factors can heal by itself. However, the wound will make the piercing hole in the earlobe bigger.

Surgical Procedure on Split Earlobe

Surgery to repair a split earlobe can use local anesthesia, so that the patient remains conscious during the operation. This operation is performed by removing the damaged tissue and making a new wound at the edge of the tear so that it can be joined together, then carefully stitching the wound.

In performing surgery, the surgeon can maintain the existing piercing and only reduce its size, can also close the piercing hole completely and re-pierce the earlobe a few months later.

In addition, doctors can also graft ear cartilage into the middle of the earlobe. That way, the location will be stronger when pierced again and the risk of the earlobe to split again will be smaller.

If there are no complications, usually the patient can go home immediately after surgery. Generally, the sewing thread used can be absorbed by the body and does not need to be removed. However, under certain conditions, the patient may have to return to the doctor to have the stitches removed.

Treatment After Earlobe Surgery

The surgeon will advise the patient to keep the surgical wound dry for 24-48 hours after surgery. After that, the patient can perform surgical wound care independently at home.

The surgeon will usually provide the patient with an ointment to apply to the surgical wound. Some doctors may also recommend keloid injections if the patient has a history of keloids.

Although it is safe to do, earlobe surgery still has the risk of causing several complications, including:

  • Bleeding and pain in the earlobe
  • Infection, swelling, or the appearance of scar tissue and keloids in the earlobe
  • The earlobe is split again so it needs to be re-operated

If you experience a split earlobe or the piercing hole is getting bigger, you should see a doctor. The surgeon will determine whether earlobe surgery is necessary to treat the condition.

Written by:

dr. Sonny Seputra, M.Ked.Klin, SpB, FINACS

(Surgeon Specialist)