School Lazy Child? These are Tips and Tricks to Overcome

Persuading lazy children to go to school often overwhelms parents. If this happens to your little one, you can try to apply the following simple steps to motivate your little one to get excited about going to school.

There are many things that can cause children to be lazy to go to school, for example difficulty understanding lessons, uncomfortable with the learning environment, fatigue, or conflicts with friends and teachers. In addition, bullying or bullying in the school environment can also make children reluctant to go to school.

If this continues, the child will be left behind in a lot of subject matter from school, so he can get low grades and be less enthusiastic about school. In addition, children who are lazy to go to school will tend to be more difficult to socialize with their friends.

Tips for Overcoming Lazy Children in School

Mother's role is needed to overcome the Little One who is lazy to go to school. However, you must be able to communicate well and have extra patience in dealing with this condition.

The following are tips that you can do if your little one is lazy to go to school:

1. Find out why he is lazy to go to school

Mother should not scold the Little One when he is on strike at school. It's better to talk to him from heart to heart, maybe your little one has a certain reason. Ask your child to talk about what makes him reluctant to go to school.

Listen to your child's explanations without judging or belittling the reasons. After that, you can find the best solution according to your little one's complaints. This conversation should be done casually and without coercion, yes, Bun.

In addition, you also need to discuss this problem with the school. Ask about what is happening in class and how your child behaves in class and friendships with schoolmates. That way, you and the school can work together to solve this problem.

2. Throw a sentence of praise

Tell your little one that he has done a very good job, even though what actually happened is not quite what you expected. Say compliments, such as "You're proud. ok, same brother. You have to be enthusiastic about going to school so that you become a smart kid, right!”

This praise can make him happy and more enthusiastic to study hard and go to school. If necessary, you can consider giving a prize for every achievement in school.

3. Engage in the learning process

Don't forget to always accompany your little one while studying and doing school assignments. Mother's presence in the little one's learning process will greatly affect his interest in going to school, you know.

Ask your little one what lessons he gets every day. After that, you can re-discuss the material with your little one at home, but in an interesting and fun way.

In this way, your little one can be excited to learn at school so that he can convey what he has learned to Mother when he comes home. But if he's tired, don't force him to study, OK?

4. Get enough sleep

Fatigue due to lack of sleep can make children reluctant to go to school. Therefore, make sure your little one gets enough sleep, which is around 9-11 hours every night. In addition, limit the time your little one plays gadgets so that he can get enough rest, yes, Bun.

If your little one refuses to go to school on the grounds of dizziness, headache, or stomach pain, you should first confirm his condition and if necessary consult a doctor. It's not that he's prejudiced, but it's not impossible that he makes excuses to avoid something he doesn't like at school.

If your child is still lazy to go to school after you apply the tips described above, even to the point of showing anger to your mother, don't hesitate to take her to a psychologist, OK? A psychologist can help you find out the cause of your little one behaving like that and the right way to deal with it.