Is it true that matchmaking is similar?

There is an assumption circulating in the community that states if those who are matched usually own similar face. In addition to similar faces, couples are also said to be matched if they have similarities in their relationshippersonality andhobbies or interests. Whatkahit is scientifically proven?

Based on several studies, there are indeed many couples who have a physical resemblance. However, you can't use this as a benchmark in finding a partner. Don't just try to find someone who looks just like you, to partner with.

The Scientific Explanation of Matchmaking May Look Similar

According to a study, one of the factors that make couples look alike is that their personalities also tend to be similar. This is reinforced in a study through an analysis of photos of newly married couples by comparing photos of couples who have been married for more than 25 years.

The results showed that the longer a couple was together, the more they looked like each other. Not only that, the happy life that is lived by a partner can also affect the physical resemblance to both of them.

From the psychological side, a person's interests and tastes can also change to resemble the interests and tastes of their partner. For example, you may become interested in a certain genre of music that your partner likes. As another example, you might be interested in gardening if your partner has a hobby of gardening.

Case-Hthings you need to pay attention to when looking for a soul mate

Although there is research that supports the notion that those with a match are similar, don't think that your current partner who is physically and psychologically different is not a soul mate. You don't always have to fall in love with someone who is just a resemblance, how come.

There are many factors that make a person fall in love and end up tied to the sacred vows of marriage. Some of these factors are:

Already in a close relationship

The closeness between friends of the opposite sex can make them feel comfortable, then fall in love, until finally they reach the level of marriage.

Couples have preferred characteristics

Two people can also fall in love because they like each other's characteristics, both physically and personality traits. This is not always a resemblance of characters, sometimes the characters are actually the opposite.

For example, if you are impatient and easily tempered, you may be attracted to someone who is patient and calms down easily.

Mutual liking

When other people are attracted to you or like you, a reciprocal relationship can occur which makes their liking for them also grow.

One thing to remember, to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship with a partner, it takes commitment, effort, and good communication between each other. Not just because of the resemblance between you and your partner.

It might be nice if you have a partner who has a lot in common with you. But remember, differences in partner relationships are also not a bad thing. Differences can make you and your partner learn to understand and complement each other.