Apart from transmitting disease, free sex is at risk of disturbing mental health

Many people understand that having multiple partners can transmit diseases, especially sexually transmitted diseases. What is rarely known or not realized, free sex can also have an effect on the psyche or mental health.

Sexually transmitted diseases due to free sex, including HIV, herpes simplex, genital warts, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and chlamydia. There is also the risk of unwanted pregnancy and the possibility of abortion. In addition, do not assume sexually transmitted diseases can only be spread through vaginal sex. You can get sexually transmitted diseases even if you only have oral sex or anal sex.

Trigger Depression and Low Self-esteem

Various applications and online forums or on line, is now making it easier for users to find partners for sexual intercourse. This free sex usually occurs for various reasons, ranging from curiosity and desire to explore, being drunk, social influence, or just wanting to make other people jealous.

Some people obviously just want a one-night stand, a statusless "date" (no strings attached), or relationship friends with benefits. But there may also be those who secretly want to find a long-term relationship. If this is really what you are looking for, free sex without commitment or without emotional connection, will make a person feel inferior and vulnerable to depression.

These feelings will be more easily arise, especially if sexual intercourse is done at the time of experiencing a bad event or after, for example, has just been laid off from work. In addition, also when free sex is done as a form of emotional outlet.

Although during casual sex you can feel wanted or satisfied, but this is generally only temporary. Furthermore, you will actually feel guilty, sorry or ashamed. It can occur in both women and men, but is most common in women, especially in their early 20s. It is usually more difficult for women to have sex without expecting anything further.

In the study found that some people feel more lonely, anxious, stressed, more dissatisfied with life, more unhappy, even depressed, after having free sex.

Obtain Healthy Sex

Healthy sex is sex that is done to establish intimacy in the long term. If casual sex tends to make you mentally disturbed, sex after marriage can actually make you healthier, not only physically, but also psychologically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.

A healthy sex life is generally achieved by having monogamous sex or not having multiple partners, using condoms as protection, and not based on coercion.

Like exercise, healthy sex in a marriage can reduce anxiety and stress, and make you happier. In addition, the benefits of sex in marriage are:

  • Improve the ability to recognize and express emotions.
  • Makes you more trusting, closer and more in love with your partner, because the hormone oxytocin is produced during sexual intercourse.
  • Boosts self-confidence and makes you look younger.

Not only transmission of disease is a risk to health if you have free sex, but also mental health disorders. Think carefully before you do this. Marriage is one way to have a healthy sex relationship with various benefits, both for physical and mental health.